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A small victory for democracy in Hong Kong?

A small victory for democracy in Hong Kong?

06/25/15 09:07AM

Thousands of members of the umbrella movement protested in Hong Kong as the legislative body defeated a bill that would mean Beijing would need to approve Hong Kong’s candidates. watch

India breaks Yoga world record

India breaks Yoga world record

06/24/15 08:02PM

The Indian government tries to break the Guinness world record for the most people practicing Yoga in one spot during the International Day of Yoga. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the event! watch

The time gay activists took over a film...

The time gay activists took over a film screening

06/18/15 12:54PM

Fearless: Texas native Carolyn Weathers is an author and activist who helped found Clothespin Fever Press, a small lesbian book press in Los Angeles which published titles including 'Dykes Bike Repair Handbook' and 'Leaving Texas.' Weathers reflects on her life in writing and activism - including the time when she and other... watch

NYC's last days of Styrofoam

NYC's last days of Styrofoam

06/15/15 04:08PM

On July 1, New York City will become the largest in the U.S. to ban polystyrene foam, aka "styrofoam." But how will we cope? Greenhouse host Tony Dokoupil says goodbye to packing peanuts, foam cups and clam shell food containers. watch

Gay, Latino and HIV+: An artist's activist...

Gay, Latino and HIV+: An artist's activist life

06/11/15 01:04PM

Fearless: Pioneering Los Angeles-based artist Joey Terrill discusses his influences, how being queer, Hispanic and HIV positive has informed his painting over the years, and how simple T-shirts helped give birth to his activism. watch

Why is the U.S. locking up moms and small...

America's expanding immigration detention facilities

06/11/15 12:14PM

America’s capacity to detain immigrants is exploding with South Texas at the center of the expansion. But with reports of sexual assault and "prison-like" facilities, what are the costs to asylum-seeking immigrants? watch

Where everybody knows your game

Where everybody knows your game

06/10/15 06:21PM

The Domiz refugee camp in northern Iraq is home to thousands. A tiny cafe provides respite from the day-to-day struggles of refugee life in the form of soccer. watch

LGBT leaders protest FDA ban in blood...

LGBT leaders protest FDA ban in blood sculpture

06/10/15 05:40PM

Nine LGBT leaders gave blood to be used in a sculpture by artist Jordan Eagles to protest the FDA's proposed policy which says men who have sex with men can only donate blood if they're celibate for one year. watch

US Troops in Vietnam: Weapons

US Troops in Vietnam: Weapons

06/10/15 08:07AM

Fifty years ago, on March 8, 1965, US Marines landed on the beaches of Da Nang marking the first official engagement of American troops in the Vietnam War. This video series will revisit the war -- from the first landing through to the fall of Saigon. In this second chapter, we look back at the use of Napalm and Agent Orange from 1962 to 1970. watch

Greening America's new "line" parks

Greening America's new "line" parks

06/04/15 02:23PM

Landscape architect Isabel Castilla worked on the NYC's Highline and is now designing Miami's Underline. Often managing 100-mostly-man crews, the Puerto Rican says she often isn't taken seriously--until she proves she knows the job. watch

Is solar the answer in Cambodia?

Is solar the answer in Cambodia?

06/04/15 01:54PM

The country has some of the lowest electrification rates and highest electricity costs in Asia, but tons of sunshine. Is solar a better option than joining the grid? watch