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Miss a note, she deducts cheese from your...

Miss a note, she deducts cheese from your macaroni

03/03/15 08:50PM

Breaking Glass: Hailing from Brooklyn’s projects and known for her popular "Stand on the Word" track, Phyllis McKoy Joubert gives those who join The Joubert Singers the power of self-confidence by training them to sing gospel. Just don't mess up or you'll pay in cheese. watch

Girl Be Heard--in song, dance and theater

Girl Be Heard--in song, dance and theater

02/27/15 02:46PM

Breaking Glass: The all-girl theatre company Girl Be Heard allows youth to tell their own stories and of girls around the world. Their latest show "Displaced" tackles the issue of refugees and homelessness, both in the US and abroad. watch

Meet the emoji grannies

Teaching emoji to grannies

02/16/15 12:52PM

Breaking Glass: When Beverly Jackson isn't working social media at Yahoo she spends her free time teaching social media to the granny set. watch

Why do people always ask this woman about...

Why do people always ask this woman about used condoms?

02/12/15 01:41PM

When people learn Lauren Singer has kept two years worth of her trash in a single mason jar, they only want to know how she disposes of condoms and feminine hygiene products. So what does she do with her unmentionables? watch

A pot patch for kids

A pot patch for kids

02/10/15 03:16PM

The Colorado-based marijuana distributor O.penVAPE has developed a pot patch for kids, and moms couldn't be happier. watch