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Left for dead, rebounding from attack

Left for dead, rebounding from attack

02/09/17 02:15PM

Two years ago Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa went on a date in their south Texas hometown when an attacker shot them execution-style. Suffering from paralysis and PTSD, Chapa tries to rebuild her life. watch

A 'moral obligation' to stand against Trump

A moment and a movement: 'Beginners' stand up against Trump

08/05/16 01:49PM

A young group of doctors in Cleveland, Ohio is determined the turn the pivotal swing state away from Donald Trump. They've formed Stand Together Against Trump to prevent the Republican nominee from re-branding himself in the months leading up to the election. watch

'We had a lot of babies dying'

'We had a lot of babies dying'

08/04/16 01:51PM

Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate in the United States, with black babies nearly twice as likely as white babies to die before their first birthday. Cary Christian Center fights the harsh reality behind the numbers by visiting new mothers in their homes and educating them on how to take care of their babies and themselves. watch

Beyond the Bars: A former inmate returns...

Beyond the Bars: A former inmate returns to his roots

08/01/16 03:11PM

As the Vice President of the Fortune Society, an organization devoted to re-entry efforts, Stanley Richards knows the struggle many former inmates face to stay out of prison. That's because Richards himself spent time behind bars, and saw the impacts of recidivism firsthand. watch

Flag burning spurs mass arrest at convention

Flag burning protest spurs mass arrest at convention

07/28/16 09:28AM

Members of the Revolutionary Communist Party announced they would burn an American flag at both national conventions. By the time they were done in Cleveland, 17 of them would be in police custody, the largest mass arrest of the RNC. watch

"Trump doesn't speak for African Americans"

"Donald Trump doesn't speak for African Americans"

07/18/16 07:42PM

Cleveland is a city deeply segregated and African Americans are disproportionately affected. The city is hosting the Republican Convention at a time when racial tensions in the country are high, and the party is seen by many as divisive. watch

'It's hard being a black man in this city’

'It's hard being a black man in this city’

07/12/16 12:12PM

In the days after the shooting of Alton Sterling, Trymaine Lee reports from Baton Rouge on the growing tension in the city and talks to one young resident inspired to activism by the death of a man he passed every day. Video by Brock Stoneham watch

Women work to feed Central American migrants

Feeding The Beast: women rush food to migrants crossing Mexico

06/28/16 01:59PM

As thousands of migrants flee gang violence in Central America, many travel on "The Beast," a network of freight trains that carry them across Mexico toward the U.S. border. The lucky ones will pass by Las Patronas, a group of women in Veracruz who've organized to feed as many of the migrants as they can. watch

Composer works to overcome hearing loss

Composer learns to live and work with hearing loss

06/17/16 03:41PM

Composer Richard Einhorn describes the morning he lost his hearing as "easily the most horrible day" of his life. His therapy was to solve the problem through a combination of technology and imagination. watch

Birds of a feather create light show together

Birds of a feather perform light show together

06/09/16 03:38PM

New York artist Duke Riley has enlisted 2,000 pigeons to perform 'Fly By Night,' a light show above Brooklyn's East River. The performance celebrates the city's history of rooftop pigeon coops and commemorates Cob Dock, once the site of the Navy's largest carrier pigeon coop. watch

Gay, Black and HIV-positive

'I don't live with HIV. HIV lives with me.'

06/01/16 04:59PM

Robert Brooks says being gay, black, and HIV-positive means he lived life "at the bottom of the barrel." But through dance and his teaching, he hopes to educate the next generation about the power of accepting others and themselves. watch

Food brings people together at NYC market

Food brings people together at Queens Night Market

05/26/16 09:20PM

Long known as a melting pot of cultures, New York City's diversity also brings some tasty treats to its residents. Vendors at this summer's Queens International Night Market share the origins of their dishes and explain why the food they cook is central to their identity. watch