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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, left, and Newark Archbishop Bernard Hebda converse while preparing plates to hand out during a pre-Thanksgiving meal at the St. John's Church soup kitchen on Nov. 26, 2014, in Newark, N.J.
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Snow day cooking with potential 2016 hopefuls

The Great Blizzard of 2015 spared New York City as the brunt of the snowstorm shifted, burying parts New England and Long Island with multiple feet of snow. But even if the storm wasn't as bad as predicted, several states remained in a state of emergency on Tuesday, with some travel bans still in effect. Hello snow day. Assuming one does have electricity and can pause binge-watching long enough to willingly get off the couch on this rare Northeast-wide occasion, here are some fun home cooking ideas from potential 2016 candidates to get you through the storm.

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