Colorado Senate: The Social Election

In Colorado, Democratic incumbent Mark Udall is trying to hold onto his seat in a race against Republican challenger Cory Gardner. Udall has had the support of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. Gardner has been haunted by past involvement with Colorado's "Personhood" movement.

The latest polls: An NBC News/Marist poll released on Oct. 26, shows Gardner holding a narrow one-point lead over Udall, 46% to 45%. In September’s NBC/Marist poll, Udall was ahead by six points, 48% to 42%.

Who is talking about the Colorado Senate race?

The following infographic, provided by Twitter, shows a snapshot of social conversations about Colorado politics from Colorado Twitter users over the past seven days. It also includes a breakdown of those conversations by age and gender (age and gender of Twitter users are determined by Twitter using their own internal algorithms). The data updates once a day at midnight.


What issues do Colorado voters care about?

The following infographic shows the most talked-about political issues by Colorado Twitter users on the platform today. The data is based on keyword searches for a variety of terms associated with each topic. The data is provided by Twitter, and updates once a day at midnight.

How do the candidates stack up against each other?

How much is each candidate being talked about on Twitter? This infographics visualizes the number of Twitter mentions of each candidate today, and is updated once a day at midnight.


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