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Code Forward, one of MSNBC's online-only shows, covers hot-button issues in technology, from GamerGate to Girls Who Code.  The show also looks at the tools that make life easier and the world better.  Catch up on past episodes here.

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Can 'Anonymous' really damage ISIS?

Can 'Anonymous' really damage ISIS?

11/17/15 03:00PM

Following the attacks on Paris, "Anonymous" declared cyber-war on ISIS - but do they actually pose a threat against the terrorist group? Author Gabriella Coleman joins to discuss. watch

Great news for Marty McFly fans!

Great news for Marty McFly fans!

10/02/15 07:41PM

Natali Morris dives into the biggest tech headlines of the past week, including big news for Twitter, a new Tesla, and great news for "Back to the Future" fans. watch

Inspiring and empowering women in tech

Inspiring and empowering women in tech

10/02/15 07:21PM

She-Summit co-founder Claudia Chan joins Natali Morris to discuss how women in Silicon Valley, as well as other industries, can become empowered and inspired, and what challenges lie ahead in achieving workplace gender equality. watch

'iPencil,' and new Apple products

Apple Pencil, and new products

09/11/15 03:07PM

Natali Morris dives into the week's biggest tech headlines, including Apple's latest product event, big news in the Ellen Pao gender discrimination case, and what Elon Musk thinks about colonizing Mars. watch

Meet Boeing's drone-busting laser cannon

Meet Boeing's drone-busting laser cannon

09/01/15 05:10PM

Nisha Chittal delves into the biggest and buzziest tech stories of the past week, including a happy ending for once-abandoned Atari games; a drone-fighting laser cannon; and possible U.S. sanctions against China for cybercrimes. watch

For women, getting real on Instagram

For women, getting real on Instagram

09/01/15 05:04PM

After a patronizing set of Instagram "rules" went viral, many wondered if any authenticity remains on the photo-sharing platform. The #WomenIRL movement wants to make real, regular life the norm. Lindsey Robertson from Mashable and Real Simple's Lori Leibovich discuss. watch

Fallout for victims of Ashley Madison hack

Fallout begins for victims of Ashley Madison hack

08/25/15 05:15PM

The Ashley Madison website hack has left countless cheaters exposed, including TV personality Josh Duggar. But is the public shaming fair, and what are the emotional and social ramifications for regular people who are exposed? Kristen V. Brown, reporter at Fusion, joins to discuss. watch

Beyond Beyonce's careful public image

Behind Beyonce's carefully-curated public image

08/25/15 05:11PM

Vogue Magazine's September issue features Beyonce on the cover - but there's no interview with the superstar to be found. Are celebs starting to use social media to connect with fans in lieu of traditional interviews? Entertainment reporter Nikki Novak joins to discuss. watch

'Hyper' speed tubes: Future of travel?

'Hyper' speed tubes: The future of travel?

08/25/15 05:06PM

Ever want to travel from New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes? Elon Musk's "Hyperloop" project just may let you do so-- but only if a number of financial and political obstacles can be addressed. Alex Davies, editor at Wired, joins MSNBC's Nisha Chittal for more. watch