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Code Forward, one of MSNBC's online-only shows, covers hot-button issues in technology, from GamerGate to Girls Who Code.  The show also looks at the tools that make life easier and the world better.  Catch up on past episodes here.

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Ford dives into the world of wearables

Ford dives into the world of wearables

01/14/16 02:45PM

Ford is going all-in on a number of tech initiatives in 2016, including the creation of a lab that will develop ways to incorporate "wearables" into your driving experience. watch

The best and boldest of CES 2016

The best and boldest of CES 2016

01/14/16 02:31PM

From fancy fridges to roving robots - CNET's Bridget Carey joins to discuss the hottest products and concepts showcased at Consumer Electronics Show 2016. watch

Spotify sued for $150 million

Spotify sued for $150 million for unpaid royalties

01/07/16 08:47PM

Spotify starts the new year with a $150 million lawsuit slapped on by musician David Lowery. The music streaming service is already in the middle of a settlement with the National Music Publishers Association for the same reasons. watch

Oculus delays Touch motion controller release

Oculus delays Touch motion controller release

01/07/16 08:33PM

Oculus rift fans will have to wait until the second half of 2016 for the Oculus Touch controller to hit the market. The controller is similar to a Wii-mote, but syncs with the Oculus Rift for a virtual reality gaming experience. watch

Will Chevy beat Tesla?

Will Chevy beat Tesla in electric car race?

01/07/16 08:29PM

Chevrolet will unveil its Bolt car at the Consumer Electronic Show this week. The vehicle is the first long-range electric model intended to go 200 miles to the charge, giving it a leg up against Tesla. watch

Can you opt out of online tracking?

New bill seeks to help users opt out of online tracking

12/18/15 05:50PM

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Ed Markey have introduced a “Do Not Track” bill that could give web users the option to turn off tracking and data collection when on the Internet. What does this mean for marketers who rely on people’s web activities? watch