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E.g., 9/2/2014
A map of the United States.

Migrants are misrepresented in the immigration debate

08/17/14 01:53PM

You can learn an awful lot about a country by looking at its migratory patterns. The New York Times this week published some striking interactive charts showing where the people in each of the 50 U.S. states were born and how that changed between 1900 and the present. read more

Protesters gather outside McDonald's in Los Angeles, California, December 5, 2013.

An excellent start toward de-fissuring the workplace

07/30/14 07:19PM

As a general rule of thumb, corporations are reluctant to assume responsibility for anyone liable to earn less than, say, $25,000 per year. Treating bottom-tier workers decently by providing them, for instance, health care and pensions, or allowing them to unionize, is expensive. But treating them indecently by denying them such things is cruel and often illegal, inviting lawsuits and bad publicity. Better to make them somebody else’s problem. read more

Rep. Tim Ryan

Rep. Tim Ryan puts himself in the shoes of a minimum wage worker

07/29/14 07:15AM

Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat from Ohio, is living on $77 for seven days as part of a campaign to raise the minimum wage. His wife Andrea. Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois and former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland are also participating in the challenge, which is being organized by 66 advocacy and research organizations and began last Thursday. read more

Minimum Wage Workers And Activists Protest For Higher Wages

Why the minimum wage is still $7.25 after all these years

07/24/14 02:58PM

On July 24, 2009, the federal minimum wage rose to $7.25 an hour, the last bump of a three-step increase enacted in 2007 with bipartisan support. Five years later -- despite cost increases of 11% and record income inequality, and despite an unprecedented, nationwide push for higher wages in the streets, at the ballot box, in statehouses, and at businesses small and large -- it remains hopelessly stuck there due to Congressional indifference. read more

Has income inequality lessened under Obama?

07/24/14 07:22AM

Income inequality has gotten worse during Obama's terms. But it would be worse still if President George W. Bush’s tax policies remained in place — which makes it almost certain that inequality would be worse under a Republican president. read more

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren fires up progressives from coast to coast

07/17/14 07:02AM

The growing enthusiasm for Warren may stem from liberal frustration with the Democratic establishment and skepticism about Hillary Clinton's progressive bonafides. While Clinton has spoken recently of "the cancer of inequality," she's also stumbled on questions of her personal wealth, which hasn't helped her attempt to embrace economic populism. read more

A Long Island Rail Road train conductor collects tickets aboard a train bound for Port Washington leaving Pennsylvania station in New York

New York transit workers poised to strike

07/14/14 06:23PM

The general chairman for the union representing Long Island Railroad (LIRR) workers on Monday revealed that negotiations between his organization and New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) had broken down, setting the stage for a transit shutdown. Barring unforeseen circumstances, LIRR workers will go on strike shortly after midnight Sunday. read more

The US Capitol building.

Washington is making inequality worse

06/23/14 09:18PM

Is growing political polarization between Democrats and Republicans creating more inequality? “The proximity of these trends is uncanny,” noted Princeton’s Nolan McCarty and Howard Rosenthal and the University of California San Diego’s Keith Poole back in 2003. read more