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Minimum Wage Workers And Activists Protest For Higher Wages

Why the minimum wage is still $7.25 after all these years

07/24/14 02:58PM

On July 24, 2009, the federal minimum wage rose to $7.25 an hour, the last bump of a three-step increase enacted in 2007 with bipartisan support. Five years later -- despite cost increases of 11% and record income inequality, and despite an unprecedented, nationwide push for higher wages in the streets, at the ballot box, in statehouses, and at businesses small and large -- it remains hopelessly stuck there due to Congressional indifference. read more

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren fires up progressives from coast to coast

07/17/14 07:02AM

The growing enthusiasm for Warren may stem from liberal frustration with the Democratic establishment and skepticism about Hillary Clinton's progressive bonafides. While Clinton has spoken recently of "the cancer of inequality," she's also stumbled on questions of her personal wealth, which hasn't helped her attempt to embrace economic populism. read more

A Long Island Rail Road train conductor collects tickets aboard a train bound for Port Washington leaving Pennsylvania station in New York

New York transit workers poised to strike

07/14/14 06:23PM

The general chairman for the union representing Long Island Railroad (LIRR) workers on Monday revealed that negotiations between his organization and New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) had broken down, setting the stage for a transit shutdown. Barring unforeseen circumstances, LIRR workers will go on strike shortly after midnight Sunday. read more

The US Capitol building.

Washington is making inequality worse

06/23/14 09:18PM

Is growing political polarization between Democrats and Republicans creating more inequality? “The proximity of these trends is uncanny,” noted Princeton’s Nolan McCarty and Howard Rosenthal and the University of California San Diego’s Keith Poole back in 2003. read more

James Diossa

Rhode Island inches out of deep, dark recession

06/03/14 11:10AM

CENTRAL FALLS, Rhode Island — James Diossa was in college when the housing meltdown first hit his hometown. He was only an intern when Central Falls started careening towards bankruptcy. He was the youngest council member ever when the city’s mayor came under investigation for corruption. Now Central Falls is looking to Diossa for help. read more

Elizabeth Warren greets the crowd after winning the nomination during the 2012 Massachusetts Democratic Endorsing Convention in Springfield, Mass.

Why Elizabeth Warren's home state needs help

04/30/14 07:13AM

Springfield, Mass. — Elizabeth Warren says inequality is a fundamental problem, and that it’s up to the government to do something about it. But her home state of Massachusetts — friendlier than most to an active and involved government — remains the site of some of the country’s starkest disparities. read more

A homeless women walks among shoppers on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Sorry conservatives — America's mobility problem is real

04/29/14 08:49PM

When liberals complain about the 35-year rise income inequality, conservatives sometimes answer that unequal outcomes are the price America has to pay for bounteous economic opportunity. That argument has gotten harder to make in recent years, because it turns out that the U.S. lags most comparable nations — including France, Germany, and even Canada — when it comes to social mobility. read more