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Conflict in congress over Syrian refugees

Conflict in congress over Syrian refugees

11/17/15 12:21PM

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan demanded a halt in the flow of Syrian refugees to the U.S. and ordered a Republican led task force to examine the vetting process. Rep. Adam Schiff comments on Ryan’s statement and explains how it is possible to remain safe, while allowing some Syrian refugees in, mainly the Syrian woman and children. watch

US disconnected over ISIS strategy

US disconnected over ISIS strategy

11/17/15 12:04PM

Russia has begun to retaliate against ISIS after Russia confirmed suspicions that it’s airliner was brought down by an ISIS bomb in Egypt last month. The strikes are raising concerns at the Pentagon, which is doing a bomb damage assessment to see if the Russian bombs have been hitting hospitals and other civilian facilities avoided by U.S.... watch

Is the current strategy enough to beat ISIS?

Is the current strategy enough to defeat ISIS?

11/16/15 12:33PM

In his G20 address, President Obama outlined that the administration will intensify but continue its current strategy to defeat ISIS. Will this unchanged policy be enough? MSNBC Military Analyst Barry MCaffrey and former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Chris Hill weigh in. watch


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