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VA Governor: ‘We are prepared for this’

VA Governor: ‘We are prepared for this’

01/22/16 12:09PM

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe speaks with Andrea Mitchell about how Virginia has been preparing for the historic snow storm. McAuliffe also comments on how Chris Christie is staying on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, rather than going home to New Jersey for storm preparation. watch

Undecided student on Clinton v. Sanders

Undecided student on Clinton v. Sanders

01/21/16 12:17PM

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Iowa trying to reach out to younger voters like her opponent Bernie Sanders has. Andrea Mitchell speaks with one undecided Iowa student voter, Gabe Schabillion. watch

Two filmmakers spent month in refugee camp

Two filmmakers spent month in Syrian refugee camp

01/20/16 12:26PM

Two American filmmakers set out to find out what life is like for many Syrian refugees displaced by Syria’s civil war. They spent a month in a refugee camp in Jordan where 110,000 Syrians have been living. The two filmmakers who created “Salam Neighbor,” Chris Temple and Zach Ingrassey, join Andrea Mitchell to share this story. watch

Sanders positions himself as an outsider

Sanders positions himself as an outsider

01/20/16 12:17PM

Senior Advisor to Bernie Sanders, Tad Devine, discusses the recent poll showing Sanders 27 points ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. He also addresses the concerns from some Democrats that Sanders could not be the nominee for the party. watch

Sen. McCaskill: Impossible for Sanders to win

Sen. McCaskill: Impossible for Sanders to win

01/20/16 12:15PM

Hillary Clinton is now taking Bernie Sanders seriously. As concerns rise, Clinton supporters like Senator Claire McCaskill are warning that in states like hers a nominee that calls himself a Democratic Socialist will jeopardize the rest of the ticket. MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt talks to McCaskill about this. watch

Will Sanders surge in NH affect Clinton?

Will Sanders surge in NH affect Clinton?

01/20/16 12:05PM

A new CNN/WMUR poll released on Tuesday sent shockwaves through the Democratic establishment. The poll showed Bernie Sanders up nearly 30 points in the New Hampshire primary. Pollster Senior Strategist to Hillary Clinton, Joel Benenson, joins Andrea Mitchell to share what these new poll numbers mean for Clinton. watch

GOP establishment not happy with Trump

Gerson: For the good of GOP, Trump and Cruz must lose

01/19/16 12:40PM

The Republican establishment is not happy with the two front-runners, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, according to former George W. Bush speech writer, Michael Gerson. Gerson joins Andrea Mitchell with MSNBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald to discuss the current election. watch

State Dept.: Working hard to find Levinson

State Dept.: Working hard to find Robert Levinson

01/19/16 12:30PM

State Department spokesman John Kirby explains how the U.S. government is trying to find Robert Levinson and get him back to the U.S. Robert Levinson was an FBI agent who went missing in Iran in 2007 and was not on the of prisoners released on Saturday. watch

Why was Robert Levinson left behind?

Why was Robert Levinson left behind?

01/19/16 12:23PM

Former FBI agent Robert Levinson went missing on an Iranian island in March of 2007 and was not one of the Americans released from Iran on Saturday during the prisoner swap. Robert Levinson’s son, Daniel Levinson, joins Andrea Mitchell to share his family’s disappointment with the U.S. government after the swap. watch

Rep. meets with American freed from Iran

Rep. meets with one of Americans freed from Iran

01/18/16 12:47PM

Former marine Amir Hekmati was one of the five Americans freed from Iran over the weekend. The Flint, Michigan native was seized in Tehran when visiting family in august 2011. Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI), who helped negotiate the prisoner’s release, details his first meeting with Hekmati since he was freed. watch

Behind campaign that freed Americans in Iran

Behind the campaign that freed five Americans in Iran

01/18/16 12:30PM

Months of secret and often dicey talks led to five Americans being freed from Iranian custody, and details of the nuclear deal were simultaneously being finalized. One of the key negotiators of the nuclear deal, Ambassador Wendy Sherman, reveals to Andrea Mitchell some of the behind-the-scenes details. watch


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