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Member of ‘Never Trump’ movement: I’m with...

Member of ‘Never Trump’ movement: I’m with her

05/05/16 12:22PM

The Clinton campaign is starting to make a play for those Republicans who have vowed to never vote for Donald Trump. Red State contributing editor and “Never Trump” member, Ben Howe, shares why he would “definitely support” Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. watch

Kristol: Trump should not be commander-in...

Kristol: Trump should not be commander-in-chief

05/05/16 12:05PM

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to share why he will not be voting for Donald Trump, despite his true conservative beliefs. He also shares who he believes should run as a third party candidate. watch

Fmr. Sen. Kerrey on Democrats unifying

Fmr. Sen. Kerrey: Dems won’t have trouble uniting against Trump

05/04/16 12:45PM

Former Democratic Senator and one time Presidential candidate, Bob Kerrey joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss Bernie Sanders’ continued battled for the nomination and why he believes that there will be no problem uniting the Democratic party with Donald Trump as the likely Republican nominee. watch

Clinton campaign looking toward Trump...

Clinton campaign looking toward Trump match-up

05/04/16 12:18PM

Senior Strategist for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Joel Benenson, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss John Kasich’s announcement that he will be suspending his campaign. He also discusses how Clinton is starting to look for a battle with Donald Trump in the general election. watch

Will Ted Cruz's tirade help Donald Trump?

Will Ted Cruz's tirade help Donald Trump?

05/03/16 12:45PM

MSNBC political analyst and national spokesman for the Ted Cruz campaign Rick Tyler joins MSNBC's Kate Snow in the aftermath of the boiling tirade that Ted Cruz just launched on Republican front-runner Donald Trump. watch

Clinton, Trump struggle with negative ratings

Clinton, Trump struggle with negative ratings

05/03/16 12:31PM

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both managed to disenchant voters and each candidate faces the challenge of overcoming a polarized electorate. If it's a Clinton-Trump general election, how will these two candidates surmount unfavorable ratings and will Americans see this as having to choose between the lesser of two evils? MSNBC'... watch

Indiana Rep. on state’s tightening contest

Indiana Rep. weighs in on state’s tightening contest

05/02/16 12:24PM

Hillary Clinton has a narrow single-digit lead in the latest Indiana poll, but she could potentially lose to Bernie Sanders if independent voters turn out in full force. Indiana Congressman André Carson expresses his support for the former Secretary of State and explains how her message resonates with voters. watch

At least 18 killed in Baghdad bombing

At least 18 Shiite pilgrims killed in Baghdad bombing

05/02/16 12:16PM

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a trio of bombs that went off this morning in and around Baghdad, killing at least 18 people and injuring dozens more. The majority of the victims were Shiite Muslim worshipers who were on a pilgrimage. Ryan Crocker, former Ambassador to Iraq, weighs in on the aftermath and circumstances of the attack. watch


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