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E.g., 7/24/2016
Sen. Kaine: Don’t believe the hype on veep...

Sen. Kaine: Don’t believe the hype on veep pick

05/10/16 12:36PM

Senator Tim Kaine shares his support for Hillary Clinton and comments on whether he is being vetted as a potential running mate with Clinton. He also shares how Clinton will handle national security if elected President. watch

WH officials meet to discuss ISIS strategy

WH officials meet to discuss ISIS strategy

05/10/16 12:34PM

President Barack Obama met with his national security team on Tuesday to discuss the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Virginia Senator and member of Armed Services Committee, Tim Kaine, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss the authorization of using military force in Syria. watch

Does Trump have a 'simple' view of the world?

Former CIA director: Trump presents simple world view

05/09/16 12:33PM

How would the CIA and Donald Trump collaborate if he's elected president? Former Deputy Director of the CIA John McLaughlin joins MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell to discuss what it would be like to work with Donald Trump and how his controversial foreign policy views could get in the way. watch

Police searching for gunman in DC-area...

Police searching for gunman in DC-area shooting

05/06/16 12:49PM

Two shootings occurred in the Washington, D.C. area on Friday morning. The first outside a shopping mall and the second outside a supermarket; both in Bethesda, Maryland. Police are investigating whether the two shooting are connected. NBC’s Pete Williams reports. watch

Member of ‘Never Trump’ movement: I’m with...

Member of ‘Never Trump’ movement: I’m with her

05/05/16 12:22PM

The Clinton campaign is starting to make a play for those Republicans who have vowed to never vote for Donald Trump. Red State contributing editor and “Never Trump” member, Ben Howe, shares why he would “definitely support” Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. watch

Kristol: Trump should not be commander-in...

Kristol: Trump should not be commander-in-chief

05/05/16 12:05PM

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to share why he will not be voting for Donald Trump, despite his true conservative beliefs. He also shares who he believes should run as a third party candidate. watch

Fmr. Sen. Kerrey on Democrats unifying

Fmr. Sen. Kerrey: Dems won’t have trouble uniting against Trump

05/04/16 12:45PM

Former Democratic Senator and one time Presidential candidate, Bob Kerrey joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss Bernie Sanders’ continued battled for the nomination and why he believes that there will be no problem uniting the Democratic party with Donald Trump as the likely Republican nominee. watch


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