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Clinton Foundation preps for change

Clinton Foundation preps for change

09/14/16 12:37PM

How will the Clinton Foundation change if Hillary Clinton is elected president this November? The Clinton Foundation's President Donna Shalala joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to weigh in. watch

Too much or not enough health info disclosed?

Too much or not enough health info disclosed?

09/12/16 12:42PM

Did Hillary Clinton's campaign make a mistake in not releasing medical information sooner? The New York Times' Amy Chozick, MSNBC contributor Chris Cizzilla and the Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus join NBC's Andrea Mitchell to discuss. watch

Fmr. Bush advisor endorses Hillary Clinton

Former Bush advisor endorses Hillary Clinton

09/09/16 12:55PM

Rear Admiral Deborah Loewer, a 31-year Navy veteran and director of the Situation Room during the September 11th attacks, explains why she is supporting Hillary Clinton despite being a lifelong Republican. She also explains why she’s shocked over Donald Trump's praise of Vladimir Putin. watch

Will China help the U.S. control N. Korea?

Will China play a role in controlling North Korea?

09/09/16 12:17PM

Juan Zarate, former Deputy National Security Advisor during the George W. Bush administration, discusses the options the U.S. has to control North Korea after its most recent nuclear test. He also comments on Donald Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin. watch

Previewing Clinton’s foreign policy meeting

What to expect from Clinton’s foreign policy meeting

09/09/16 12:09PM

Retired Admiral James Stavridis outlines the expectations for Hillary Clinton’s meeting with top cabinet and military leaders. He also shares why he thinks North Korea far surpasses any other country as the world’s most dangerous country. watch

Should Johnson be disqualified from debates?

Should Gary Johnson's flub disqualify him from the debates?

09/08/16 12:17PM

Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, a member of the Commission on Presidential Debates, reacts to Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson's inability to identify the Syrian city of Aleppo. Daniels also considers how former President Reagan would have felt about some of Donald Trump's answers at the Commander-In-Chief Forum. watch


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