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E.g., 2/9/2016
GOP candidates shift focus to NH

GOP candidates shift focus to NH

02/02/16 12:13PM

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell discusses the victory that Ted Cruz had in Iowa, along with Donald Trump's comments about his second place finish. Mitchell then covers Chris Christie's remarks about Marco Rubio, questioning his capabilities. watch

Harkin makes case for Clinton on caucus day

Harkin makes the case for Clinton on caucus day

02/01/16 12:26PM

Former Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) reiterates his endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President, reflecting back on her cross-collaboration and determination as a New York Senator. He also claims that Bernie Sanders’s surge in the polls is only a “momentary snapshot” and will eventually fade. watch

Sanders makes final push in Iowa

Sanders makes final push in Iowa

01/29/16 12:28PM

Senator Bernie Sanders took a break from the campaign trail to speak with Andrea Mitchell. He discusses his recent campaign advertisements, the potential for another Democratic debate, and the release of his health records. watch

‘We have thousands of volunteers’

Hillary for Iowa: ‘We have thousands of volunteers’

01/28/16 12:45PM

A new poll has Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a dead heat in Iowa. The winner will be determined by which team has the better organization on the ground to get their supporters to vote. The “Hillary for Iowa” Communications Director, Lily Adams, discusses how they are preparing for the upcoming caucus. watch


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