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Prominent GOPers gather at Romney retreat

Prominent Republicans gather at Romney retreat

06/10/16 12:16PM

Mike Leavitt, top adviser to Mitt Romney in 2012 and former Governor of Utah, discusses what to expect from Republicans at the annual E2 summit in Park City, Utah. Former RNC Chair Michael Steele also explains how the past few weeks have been a missed opportunity for Donald Trump to attack Hillary Clinton on key issues, like the latest jobs and... watch

Rep. Grijalva: ‘There’s a lot to be proud of’

Grijalva on Sanders: ‘There’s a lot to be proud of’

06/09/16 12:41PM

Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), the first member of Congress to endorse Bernie Sanders, reacts to the Vermont Senator’s statements following his White House meeting. Grijalva is hopeful that Sanders will successfully integrate the movement he created with the Clinton campaign. watch

Sanders speaks after White House meeting

Bernie Sanders speaks after White House meeting

06/09/16 12:33PM

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses the media following a meeting at the White House with President Obama. He used the speech to express appreciation for the President’s impartiality and to explain his opposition to a Trump presidency. watch

Rep. Peter King: I still support Donald Trump

Rep. Peter King: I still support Donald Trump

06/09/16 12:17PM

Republican Congressman Peter King says there’s “no doubt” Donald Trump’s judge comments were racist, but says the candidate is “not himself a racist… he’s reckless in what he says.” King also comments on whether it’s too late for third party candidate. watch

Would Steny Hoyer consider DNC Chair spot?

Would Steny Hoyer consider becoming the DNC Chair?

06/09/16 12:08PM

Maryland Congressman and House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer weighs in on what to expect from the meeting between Bernie Sanders and President Obama, and when the Vermont Senator will throw his support behind Hillary Clinton. Hoyer also responds to the state of the DNC Chairmanship. watch

'Hillary has broken incredible barrier'

'Hillary has really broken an incredible barrier'

06/08/16 12:36PM

Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to discuss Hillary Clinton's historic victory, Bernie Sanders’ impressive primary season fight and the Latino community's response to Donald Trump's "stoking of peoples' fear and resentment." watch

Trump 'temperamentally unfit' for office?

Donald Trump 'temperamentally unfit' for office?

06/08/16 12:08PM

Joel Benenson, Clinton campaign senior strategist, joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to share his emotional experience after his candidate made history, and also explains how Donald Trump's "racially-tinged" comments prove he’s unfit to be president. watch

Mitchell: Clinton nom 'years in the making'

Mitchell: Clinton nom 'years in the making'

06/07/16 11:02PM

NBC News' Andrea Mitchell calls Hillary Clinton's successful campaign to become the Democratic presidential nominee "many years in the making," and explains the significance of the event for women worldwide. watch

Bernie Sanders to persevere until convention?

Bernie Sanders to persevere until convention?

06/07/16 12:48PM

Hillary secured the Democratic nomination, but Bernie Sanders continues to push back on the call. What's his long game? USA Today's Susan Page, the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza and democratic strategist Bob Shrum join NBC's Andrea Mitchell to weigh in. watch

Do the Libertarians offer 'dream ticket'?

Do the Libertarians offer 'dream ticket'?

06/07/16 12:26PM

Is the Libertarian Party offering an appealing alternative to those disenchanted by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, and Governor Bill Weld, the Libertarian vice presidential nominee, join NBC's Andrea Mitchell. watch

California Senate race has historic match-up

California Senate race has historic match-up

06/06/16 12:48PM

While the nation has been focused on the California presidential primary, a historic match-up is taking place for the state’s Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer. The two candidates are Kamala Harris, who would be the second African American female Senator, and Loretta Sanchez, who would be the first Latina Senator. Sanchez joins Andrea... watch

Source: Obama may give Clinton endorsement

Source: Obama, Clinton campaign discussing endorsement

06/06/16 12:41PM

A senior White House official claims that President Obama may endorse Hillary Clinton as early as this week, but cautions there are still conversations going back and forth. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza discusses how this will work with the timing of the California primary. The Wall Street Journal’s Jeanne Cummings also reflects on audio... watch

Trump defends attacks on ‘Mexican’ judge

Trump defends attacks on ‘Mexican’ federal judge

06/06/16 12:33PM

Donald Trump is taking criticism from all political sides over his ethnically-based comments about the judge presiding over the class-action Trump University lawsuit. Steven Brill, founder of the Yale Journalism Initiative, weighs in on the controversy. watch


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