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What is the current vetting process in the...

What is the current vetting process in the US?

09/01/16 12:36PM

Donald Trump has now pivoted back to his hard line on immigration after briefly appearing to soften his tone, while in Mexico. Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to clarify what Homeland Security currently does to vet immigrants. watch

Trump’s Mexico trip ‘high stakes, very risky’

Trump’s Mexico trip ‘high stakes, very risky’

08/31/16 12:09PM

MSNBC political analyst Rick Tyler considers how Mexican President Nieto, who also has significantly low approval ratings, will treat Donald Trump’s planned visit. Tyler also comments on whether this is a good move for the Republican nominee. watch

Rep. Collins on Burns tweet: ‘He screwed up’

Rep. Collins on Burns tweet: ‘He screwed up’

08/30/16 12:52PM

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), who is co-chair of Donald Trump’s campaign House leadership committee, comments on a tweet from Pastor Mark Burns showing Hillary Clinton blackface. Collins emphasizes that the action was “clearly inappropriate” and that voters want to hear more policy talk. watch

How serious is the threat of Russian hacking?

How serious is the threat of Russian hacking?

08/30/16 12:33PM

U.S. intelligence officials tell NBC News that Russian-based hackers have been trying to break into voter registration databases in Arizona and Illinois. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, explains the extent of the hackers’ capabilities and what precautions can be taken for the general election. watch

Clinton camp mum on specific debate prep

Clinton camp mum on specific debate prep

08/30/16 12:06PM

Kristina Schake, the Clinton campaign’s Deputy Communications Director, explains that Hillary Clinton is keen on using the upcoming presidential debate as a moment to clearly communicate to American voters her plans. As for Trump’s anticipated strategy, Schake adds that there’s “no low he wouldn’t go to.” watch

Which Trump will show up at the debate?

Which Donald Trump will show up at the debate?

08/29/16 12:37PM

MSNBC political analyst Ben Ginsberg weighs in on whether we will see Donald Trump’s brash reality TV star persona, as demonstrated in the primary debates, or a more composed nominee at the upcoming presidential debate. He also comments on how Hillary Clinton can prepare for either situation. watch

Granholm: Weiner scandal should stay private

Granholm: Weiner scandal ‘should remain a private matter’

08/29/16 12:23PM

Hillary Clinton supporter and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm responds to whether the latest Anthony Weiner texting scandal will have any effect on the Hillary Clinton campaign. She also outlines how Clinton should prepare for the upcoming presidential debates. watch

Trump struggles to defend shifting ideas

Trump campaign struggles to defend shifting statements

08/26/16 12:48PM

Donald Trump's stance on immigration continues to change. How is his campaign explaining the confusion surrounding what the candidate really believes and the policies he plans to enact if elected president? MSNBC's Rachel Maddow joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss. watch


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