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Women senators, Obama discusses economy and budget issues over dinner

Sen. Barbara Mikulski recaps the dinner, talks about which issues were the focus and explains how  President Barack Obama interacted with those senators who...

Senators dish on White House dinner with Obama

By msnbc staff

The Senate Women’s Caucus quarterly meeting Tuesday night featured a new host: President Obama.

“The women senators get together under the leadership of Senator Mikulski every few months,” Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar told Andrea Mitchell Wednesday. “We’ve been doing it since I started. And it’s always just the women. We made an exception here and let a guy in.”

On the menu at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave: Alaskan halibut and peach pie. On the political menu: the budget, gun control, and national security.

“This was not a negotiating meeting,” Sen. Barbara Mikulski told Mitchell on Andrea Mitchell Reports Wednesday. “The president wanted to get our views on what were some of the issues that were facing us. In terms of the violence in our country, we expressed our support to the president, not so much about a particular public policy, but the role that he has played in reaching out, particularly in communities that were affected.”

“But we did talk about national security issues, from cyber to Syria. But we also focused primarily on the economy, that have to end gridlock politics, ultimatum politics, and how we could come together perhaps on a bipartisan solution, to reduce our public debt, but to increase or funding.”

Watch Andrea Mitchell’s interview with Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., below: 

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Senators dish on White House dinner with Obama