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Sanders: I won’t wage personal attacks on Hillary Clinton


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders drew contrasts between himself and Hillary Clinton ahead of the former secretary of state’s official campaign kick off over the weekend.

On msnbc Friday, Sanders spoke with Andrea Mitchell on the main focuses of his campaign. “People are deeply concerned about the disappearing middle class, wealth and income inequality, the fact that their young kids can’t afford to go to college,” Sanders said. “Those are the issues that we are talking about.”

He added that there was a “need to transform our economics and politics so that millionaires and billionaires can’t buy elections.” His biggest difference from Hillary Clinton? Sanders points out that he does not have a super PAC and won’t be soliciting donations from wealthy campaign contributors.

Instead, Sanders said that average Americans make up the backbone of his campaign donors. “Working families all over this country are saying, Bernie, we want to stand with you,” he said. Sanders’ website even boasts that it is “paid for by Bernie 2016, not the billionaires.” 

Sanders has also made clear that he will run a positive campaign focused on the issues. “I’ve known Hillary for 25 years. I am not going to be waging personal attacks against her. We differ on issues, and those are the areas that I’ll be focusing on,” Sanders said.