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E.g., 2/8/2016
Why are female favoring Sanders over Clinton?

Why are younger women choosing Sanders over Clinton?

02/08/16 12:25PM

Hillary Clinton’s biggest hurdle in New Hampshire could be Bernie Sanders’s strength with female voters, especially younger generations. Joel Benenson, senior strategist for the Clinton campaign, weighs in on the latest polling as well as Bill Clinton’s tough shots against Sanders. watch

Ind. NH voters courted by both parties

Independent NH voters being courted by both parties

02/05/16 12:27PM

Voters in New Hampshire are well known for their last minute decisions when it comes to presidential candidates. Executive Director at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Neil Levesque, joins MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss why independent New Hampshire voters are notoriously independent. watch

How can Hillary appeal to younger women?

How can Hillary appeal to younger women?

02/05/16 12:16PM

Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus and Karen Tumulty joins MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to give their input on the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate on Thursday night. They also discuss how Clinton can gain the votes of younger women. watch

Trump continues to hit Cruz for fraud

Trump continues to hit Cruz for fraud in Iowa win

02/03/16 12:36PM

Chris Christie is beginning to campaign in New Hampshire and seems to be seeing Marco Rubio as a real threat. Plus, Donald Trump has been striking a softer tone in interviews and on the campaign trail, unless the topic is Ted Cruz. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, NBC’s Katy Tur and MSNBC’s political correspondent Kasie Hunt joins Andrea... watch

How important is South Carolina for Hillary?

How important is South Carolina for Hillary?

02/03/16 12:22PM

The marathon campaign schedule continues for President Bill Clinton on Wednesday in South Carolina. South Carolina Congressman and a Hillary Clinton supporter, James Clyburn joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss how important the South Carolina win is for Clinton, especially if she were to lose in New Hampshire. watch

GOP candidates shift focus to NH

GOP candidates shift focus to NH

02/02/16 12:13PM

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell discusses the victory that Ted Cruz had in Iowa, along with Donald Trump's comments about his second place finish. Mitchell then covers Chris Christie's remarks about Marco Rubio, questioning his capabilities. watch


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