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GOP leaders shower Trump with praise over tax plan

GOP tax plan: Republicans praise Trump profusely

12/23/17 03:36PM

Republican leaders told Donald Trump multiple times how great they think he is because of the passing of the GOP tax plan. Trump biographer Tim O’Brien joins Joy Reid on what he says is the president’s bottomless need for love. watch

Why the GOP tax cuts will likely be a very hard sell

GOP tax plan: Can Trump sell it to the public?

12/23/17 02:43PM

The GOP tax plan contains massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, but much smaller benefits for everyone else. Joy Reid and her panel debate whether Donald Trump will be able to sell the general public on the plan. watch

Melba Wilson of Melba’s in Harlem on holiday food for the soul!

Soul food Harlem: Melba’s owner on holiday food for the soul!

12/17/17 04:28PM

Melba Wilson of Melba’s in Harlem brings you holiday food ideas to comfort us during these challenging times. Wilson and Joy Reid also discuss the sexual misconduct allegations against Mario Batali, and the soul food restaurant owner’s work to protect women in the industry. watch

Lisa Bloom responds to statements in The Hill in AM JOY exclusive

Lisa Bloom The Hill: Clinton, campaign, super PACs not involved

12/17/17 03:50PM

Lisa Bloom tells AM JOY, ‘neither Hillary Clinton nor anyone from her campaign was associated with’ the offers for relocation and security to Donald Trump’s accusers as reported on by The Hill, yet his defenders still use the article to discredit them. Joy and her panel discuss. watch

Trump: inching America towards authoritarianism?

Trump: Authoritarian accusations grow louder

12/17/17 02:13PM

Donald Trump’s recent attacks against the FBI and entities investigating him lead many to believe the president would prefer running an authoritarian police state. Joy Reid and her guests discuss how it could happen in America. watch