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E.g., 6/22/2018
Lawrence O’Donnell on Trump, Giuliani, and the Russia probe

Trump now denies Russia probe impacted Comey firing

06/02/18 02:23PM

‘Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani are now in a contest for who can say the stupidest, most harmful thing about the firing of Comey on T.V. – most harmful to Trump,’ host of MSNBC’s ‘The Last Word’ Lawrence O’Donnell tells AM JOY. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

David Corn: ‘Trump seems to be so easily played’

Trump summit with North Korea back on

06/02/18 01:40PM

Donald Trump met with a representative of North Korea, then resumed plans for a summit with Kim Jong-un. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the president appearing to be manipulated by dictators. watch

MSNBC’s Gabe Sherman: ‘Trump is not bound by rules of probity’

Trump alleged tells Lesley Stahl he discredits press as...

05/27/18 07:23PM

Donald Trump tweeted that a White House official described in a New York Times article does not exist, but there are many witnesses to the meeting described in the report. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the president allegedly manipulating the media using untruths. watch

Was Black Cube was hired to dig up dirt by Trump?

Trump accused of hiring Black Cube to thwart Iran nuclear deal

05/27/18 06:46PM

Israeli private security firm Black Cube was reportedly hired to dig up dirt on proponents of the Iran Nuclear Deal during the Obama administration. Sources tell NBC News the person ultimately behind the campaign was allegedly Donald Trump. Joy Reid and her panel discuss these accusations. watch