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Comedians leading the way to truth in Trump era

Jimmy Kimmel and more comics challenge Trump

02/03/18 04:58PM

Jimmy Kimmel, Samantha Bee, and more are challenging Donald Trump on issues from immigration to the Nunes memo. Joy Reid and her panel of comics discuss comedy’s central role in resistance to injustice. watch

Mueller ‘zeros in’ on Trump tower meeting story: report

Hope Hicks, Mueller: Was there Trump tower emails obstruction?

02/03/18 04:43PM

Hope Hicks could be in the crosshairs of the Mueller investigation, amid allegations that she may have played a role in managing the aftermath of the Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign senior officials and Russians with Kremlin ties. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

Paul Ryan justifies Nunes memo as ‘oversight’

Ryan claims Nunes memo provides FISA oversight

02/03/18 04:11PM

The Nunes memo is being justified as Congress providing oversight in the use of FISA warrants, but experts see it as partisan politics from the GOP undermining the FBI, Department of Justice, and more. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

Are intelligence operations jeopardized by Nunes memo?

Nunes memo text might make case for Mueller probe

02/03/18 04:00PM

Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee have released a memo over the objections of the FBI and more, which contains information from intelligence reports that could harm agents or informants. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

Trump’s foreign policy mishaps escalate

Trump Davos speech: Trump booed at Davos

01/28/18 03:14PM

Donald Trump was laughed at and booed at Davos, the culmination of a series of foreign policy blunders that many think endangers the United States. Joy Reid and foreign policy analyst Rula Jebreal discuss. watch

Who’ll get blame for the government shutdown?

Government shutdown 2018: Will GOP take blame?

01/27/18 04:05PM

Democrats and Republicans both blame the other party for the government shutdown. Joy Reid discusses who might bear the brunt of the blame in the 2018 midterm elections with Dr. Jason Johnson, and Republican strategist Jason Johnson. watch