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E.g., 6/24/2018
‘This is a very serious situation that will outlive time Trump serves’

Trump tells aides not to discuss anti-Russia measures

03/31/18 04:05PM

Donald Trump has reportedly told his aides not to discuss anti-Russia measures, while apparently being reluctant to say anything negative about Vladimir Putin, despite evidence that Putin has interfered in our democratic process. Joy Reid and her panel discuss what our guest calls, ‘a national security crisis.’ watch

Bishop Barber on ‘student activists acting like moral adults’

What’s next politically after the March for Our Lives?

03/25/18 03:05PM

March for Our Lives speaker Matt Post, Bishop Dr. William Barber, and Wendsler Nosie, founder of Apache Stronghold, join Joy Reid on the need to unify politically across different issues and communities, in order to, in the words of Bishop Barber, fight ‘policies of death.’ watch

Is president having trouble assembling a legal defense team?

Two lawyers announced by Trump won’t join his legal team

03/25/18 02:46PM

According to a new report from The New York Times, Donald Trump is shaking up his legal team yet again, as two lawyers just announced as additions to his legal defense team will no longer be joining this team. Joy Reid, her panel, and one of the authors of this breaking story discuss. watch

National Security Advisor Bolton compared to ‘Yosemite Sam’

Hawk John Bolton now Trump’s third national security advisor

03/25/18 02:14PM

John Bolton, one of the most hard line foreign policy figures in the county, is now Donald Trump’s third national security advisor after H.R. McMaster and Michael Flynn, a move many believe will take the U.S. over the brink of war. Joy Reid and MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance discuss. watch

Stormy Daniels’ long-awaited interview stirs anticipation

Stormy Daniels interview on Trump airs Sunday night

03/25/18 01:56PM

Former porn star Stormy Daniels who says she was paid to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump is telling her story Sunday on ’60 minutes.’ Joy Reid and her panel discuss the legal ramifications of this interview, and the president reportedly saying Daniels is lying. watch

‘Congress will get it done now or we’ll vote them out later’

March for Our Lives speaker to Congress: Get it done now

03/25/18 01:44PM

In the March for Our Lives, America witnessed one of the largest mass protests in U.S. history. Joy Reid is joined by student activist and speaker at the rally Matt Post, plus her panel of experts, on what’s next after this youth-led cry for common sense gun reform heard around the world. watch

Most inspiring moments of the historic March for Our Lives

March for Our Lives highlights and best moments

03/24/18 06:22PM

At the March for Our Lives, students spoke courageously for their right to live without the fear of gun violence, telling lawmakers to ‘get their resumes ready’ if they do not pass common sense gun reform. Joy Reid and Sirius XM host Mark Thompson relive some of the most compelling moments from the rally of over 800,000 who protested in... watch

Parkland students credit great teachers for leadership skills

Parkland students spoke to Joy Reid ahead of March for Our Lives

03/24/18 05:55PM

Fearless Parkland students Jaclyn Corn and Cameron Kasky spoke to Joy Reid ahead of the March for Our Lives, saying that they are able to help lead the student push for gun reform because of great teachers who should be paid for helping students learn, ‘not packing heat.’ watch

Emma Gonzalez makes statement with silence at March for Our Lives

Emma Gonzalez honors Parkland victims at March for Our Lives

03/24/18 05:34PM

Emma Gonzalez honored the Parkland shooting victims at the March for Our Lives with six minutes and 20 seconds of silence, the amount of time it took the shooter to kill 17 people. Joy Reid and her panel discuss how youth leaders like Gonzalez will likely achieve common sense gun reform and more. watch

March for Our Lives student to McConnell: We will vote you out

March for Our Lives student protester has message for McConnell

03/24/18 04:50PM

At the March for Our Lives, high school protester Quintez Brown has a message for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, from his home state of Kentucky: If you don’t give us common sense gun reform, we're going to vote you out of office. Fellow student organizer Nyah Mattison also shares their potent message with Joy Reid. watch