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When it comes to immigration, Kelly is united with Trump

John Kelly shocks many with statements on immigration

05/12/18 02:41PM

White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly shocked many with his recent statements on immigration. Do Democrats have the right messaging to counter the Trump administration’s apparent stance on the undocumented? Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

More ties between Russia and Trump’s inner circle?

Cohen’s shell company paid by firm linked to Russian oligarch

05/12/18 02:21PM

Michael Cohen’s shell company received money from a firm with close ties to a Russian oligarch according to information provided by Michael Avenatti, attorney to Stormy Daniels. Joy Reid and her panel discuss more alleged connections between Trump’s inner circle and Russia. watch

Michael Avenatti: If you have stuff related to Cohen, it will come out

Michael Cohen reportedly received millions from AT&T, more

05/12/18 02:03PM

Michael Cohen reportedly received millions of dollars from companies such as Novartis and AT&T, allegedly in exchange for influencing Donald Trump and his administration. Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti delivered a message to those concerned about having their relationships with Michael Cohen revealed. watch

Don’t Democrats know what they have in Pelosi?

Pelosi target of calls for Democratic Party change

05/06/18 04:14PM

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is facing opposition from Democrats demanding change, even though she was one of the most effective Speakers of the House of all time. Joy Reid and her panel discuss how GOP attacks may have played a role. watch

‘Trump has hired his mini-me. Giuliani’s a buffoon’

Giuliani defends Trump, possibly helps Mueller

05/06/18 03:44PM

Rudy Giuliani has defended Donald Trump on cable and network news this week, but experts believe Giuliani’s appearances hurt Trump and help Robert Mueller’s investigation. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

‘100% of North Korea’s energy is focused on us’

Trump and North Korea meeting predictions

05/06/18 03:18PM

Donald Trump’s anticipated summit with North Korea has led to some negative meeting predictions regarding the president’s readiness to negotiate with Kim Jong-un. Joy Reid and expert Sue Mi Terry discuss. watch

Trump’s real estate spending spree raises questions

How did Trump get $400 million in cash for new properties?

05/06/18 02:44PM

Donald Trump has proclaimed himself to be the ‘king of debt’ in his business dealings, and to be a billionaire, but details from a new Washington Post report call into question why he allegedly repaid Michael Cohen in instalments. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

‘What Trump and Bornstein did was unethical’

Donald Trump’s former physician on office raid

05/05/18 03:36PM

Donald Trump’s former physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, told NBC News that the president wrote the letter describing himself as being in impeccable health during the 2016 campaign. Joy Reid’s guest Dr. Corey Hébert calls this ‘morally reprehensible.’ watch

‘Trump has lowered the bar for GOP candidates’

Don Blankenship’s U.S. Senate ad offends many

05/05/18 03:26PM

Don Blankenship’s campaign ad for a West Virginia U.S. Senate seat has offended many people, leading to comparisons to Donald Trump. Joy Reid and her panel discuss why Blankenship is still seen as a viable GOP candidate. watch

Will Trump comply if Mueller asks to interview him?

Mueller’s alleged questions for Trump leaked

05/05/18 03:11PM

Donald Trump might be questioned by Robert Mueller according to a New York Times report, but will the president comply? Joy Reid and her panel discuss whether the president has any legal basis on which to refuse. watch

‘People are onto the distractions and lies from the NRA’

Trump spoke at NRA national convention Friday

05/05/18 02:47PM

Donald Trump spoke at the NRA national convention on Friday, backing the NRA’s plan to arm teachers, addressing a crowd in a gun-free zone. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the continuing battle for common sense gun reform. watch

Frequent AM JOY guest Richard Painter runs for U.S. Senate

Richard Painter runs as Democrat for senator from Minnesota

05/05/18 02:33PM

Richard Painter, former chief White House ethics lawyer for George W. Bush, is running for the U.S. Senate representing Minnesota as a Democrat after being a Republican for decades telling Joy Reid, ‘we’re going to focus not just on Trump but on real issues.’ watch

‘Giuliani is basically just a shill for Donald Trump’

Giuliani initially contradicts Trump on Stormy payment

05/05/18 02:13PM

Rudy Giuliani initially contradicted Donald Trump’s claim that he didn’t know about the Stormy Daniels payment, leading the president to make additional counterstatements. Joy Reid and her panel discuss Giuliani, plus Michael Cohen. watch