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E.g., 4/26/2018
After massive tax cut for rich, Trump seeks to cut SNAP

Trump wants to cut SNAP, give poor boxes of food

02/17/18 04:45PM

Donald Trump’s administration wants to replace half of SNAP benefits, which were commonly known as food stamps, with boxes of pre-selected non-perishable food items and zero fresh food. Joy Reid and her panel discuss why this would be less healthy and more humiliating for the poor. watch

Women allege affairs with Trump despite legal repercussions

Playmate alleges affair with Trump during Melania marriage

02/17/18 04:29PM

A former Playboy Playmate alleges an affair with Donald Trump during his marriage to Melania, as Stormy Daniels speaks out more about her affair allegations. What does the White House stand to lose if the president sues them for potentially violating nondisclosure agreements? Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

Will America ever implement common sense gun laws?

Parkland school shooting: gun control demands intensify

02/17/18 03:59PM

The Parkland school shooting has inspired students, activists and more to intensify demands for common sense gun control. Will the American people rise up and vote against NRA-backed members of Congress? Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

Omarosa makes her comeback

Omarosa on Big Brother: We should be worried

02/11/18 05:22PM

Omarosa was fired from Donald Trump’s White House in an awkward manner, but she is back saying she would ‘never in a million years’ vote for the president again. Joy Reid and former ‘Apprentice’ contestants discuss Omarosa on ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’ watch

'Black Panther' is almost here!

Black Panther movie: Joy Reid on cast, release and reviews

02/11/18 05:08PM

‘Black Panther’ is a movie featuring an African-American director and almost all-black cast, a huge budget, and phenomenal ticket pre-sales. Journalist Jamil Smith joins Joy Reid to discuss his Time magazine cover story on this cultural milestone. watch

FOX news covers trivial story over Trump’s troubles

FOX ignores Trump troubles, promotes trivial news

02/11/18 04:50PM

Why did FOX news choose to ignore news of alleged abuser Rob Porter leaving Donald Trump’s White House, in favor of promoting debunked text messages intended to implicate a Democratic U.S. Senator? Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

Rep. Swalwell: president willing to do anything to obstruct

Will Democrats release their memo despite Trump?

02/11/18 04:16PM

Donald Trump is apparently trying to block the Democrats from releasing their memo, but experts say they can do so regardless of his unsubstantiated demands. Rep. Eric Swalwell joins Joy Reid to discuss what Democrats in the House might do. watch

Why Democrats can release their memo despite Trump

Trump can’t stop Democrats’ memo release experts say

02/11/18 04:01PM

Donald Trump allowed the Nunes memo to be released, but is apparently attempting to block the Democrats from releasing their own memo on the Russia probe. Joy Reid and Harvard professor of constitutional law Laurence Tribe discuss why experts say the Democrats can release their memo under House rules. watch

Olympic athlete shines light on Mike Pence’s anti-LGBT record

Olympic athlete Adam Rippon did not meet with Mike Pence

02/10/18 04:02PM

Out gay Olympic athlete Adam Rippon did not meet with Mike Pence, while the vice president disputes the alleged request. Gold medalist in figure skating Brian Boitano joins Joy Reid on her panel discussing how this highlights the anti-LGBT atmosphere of the Donald Trump administration. watch