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E.g., 4/26/2018
Why are Republicans lawmakers apparently obedient to NRA?

NRA: Republicans appear to side with NRA over voters

03/04/18 03:12PM

Republican lawmakers are coming under scrutiny for NRA-ties and large NRA campaign contributions. Joy Reid and her panel discuss why 5 million NRA members appear to have an outsized influence on many GOP Members of Congress and other elected officials. watch

Hope Hicks admits white lies. Mueller could reveal more

Hope Hicks white lies: Hicks questioned in House probe

03/03/18 04:08PM

Hope Hicks’ announcement that she is leaving the White House comes one day after telling investigators that she sometimes told ‘white lies’ for Donald Trump. Joy Reid and her panel discuss what could be behind Hick’s departure. watch

Father of Parkland shooting victim blasts Marco Rubio

Parkland shooting victim’s dad: Marco Rubio never called

03/03/18 03:45PM

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime Guttenberg was tragically killed in the Parkland shooting, tells Joy Reid he has a message for Marco Rubio: ‘You have no business being involved in this if you can’t be productive.’ Joy and her panel also discuss the push for effective gun control. watch

Could Kushner’s foreign business ties allegedly influence Trump policy?

Jared Kushner: Foreign business ties influencing Trump policy?

03/03/18 03:09PM

Jared Kushner was targeted in reports asserting that foreign governments sought to manipulate the president’s senior adviser via his business vulnerabilities, while Robert Mueller is asking if Kushner’s foreign business ties are influencing Donald Trump's policies. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

MS-13 as evoked by Trump: criminalizing all Latino youth?

MS-13 gang: Information on gang in Long Island, beyond

03/02/18 12:06PM

The MS-13 gang is often evoked by Donald Trump as a reason for tougher immigration policies, but activists fear this gives authorities unsubstantiated justification to target all Latino youth. MSNBC’s Trymaine Lee speaks with Long Island law enforcement on the controversy. watch