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Every weekend on AM Joy, award-winning journalist Joy Reid brings viewers in-depth interviews with leading newsmakers, perspective on the critical political stories shaping the election season and beyond, plus compelling discussions with America’s preeminent political minds.

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Is Donald Trump scared of Mueller’s Russia...

Is Donald Trump scared of Mueller’s Russia probe?

09/03/17 10:00AM

Joy Reid and her panel recount the circumstances surrounding an early draft of a letter reportedly stating additional reasons for Comey’s firing, which experts say could implicate additional members of the Trump administration. watch

American Dreamers: Voices of the DACA...

American Dreamers: Voices of the DACA generation

09/02/17 11:23AM

These young activists and achievers share how they have contributed to America’s prosperity as DACA recipients, and outline their plans to continue organizing politically as the program hangs in the balance. watch

American Dreamers: Defending the DACA...

American Dreamers: Defending the DACA generation

09/02/17 11:02AM

Joy Reid and her panelists open AM JOY’s one-hour special on fears Donald Trump’s administration will repeal DACA, sharing the emotional stories of Dreamers possibly facing deportation from the only country they have ever known. watch

Russiagate investigation takes surprising...

Russiagate investigation takes surprising turn

09/02/17 10:37AM

Special counsel Mueller now has an early draft of the letter reportedly outlining Donald Trump’s reasons for firing James Comey. Joy Reid and her panel discuss more developments in the Russia probe. watch

Trump pardon of Arpaio sparks controversy

Trump pardon of Arpaio sparks controversy

08/27/17 10:14AM

Guest host Ali Velshi and guests discuss the fact that many see Donald Trump using his presidential pardon powers to help political ally Joe Arpaio—while still in office—as unprecedented, and perhaps unethical. watch