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E.g., 6/22/2018
Masha Gessen: Trump wants Nobel Peace Prize for North Korea

Trump arrives for North Korea summit with Kim Jong-un in...

06/10/18 01:48PM

As Donald Trump arrives in Singapore for the North Korea summit with Kim Jong-un, Joy Reid and her panel discuss his avowed lack of preparation, the president’s possible motivations, and his attack on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after withdrawing his endorsement of the G7's joint communique. watch

Rev. Barber on ‘commitment to greed working to destroy healthcare’

DOJ will not defend key Obamacare provision

06/09/18 03:22PM

The Department of Justice has announced it will not defend an important element of the Affordable Care Act. Rev. Dr. Barber joins Joy Reid to discuss what ‘allows politicians to get up in the morning and work to destroy healthcare.’ watch

Michael Avenatti: President has no judgement when picking people

Trump agrees with Giuliani attacks on Stormy Daniels

06/09/18 03:02PM

Donald Trump essentially agreed with his attorney Rudy Giuliani’s judgemental attacks on Stormy Daniels, despite what many would call the president’s moral failings. Joy Reid and her panel also discuss Giuliani’s well-known infidelities. watch

John Harwood: Trump is doing precisely what Putin wants

Trump holds press conference at G7 summit

06/09/18 02:11PM

Donald Trump held his first press conference in months before departing the G7 summit early, despite sparking an impending trade war with our closest allies. Joy Reid and her panel discuss why this is what Vladimir Putin wants. watch

Jennifer Rubin: We need to stop taking Giuliani literally or seriously

Giuliani defends Trump again on Sunday politics shows

06/03/18 01:51PM

Rudy Giuliani has spoken up for Donald Trump again on the Sunday politics shows, but political experts are confused about what his statements mean, and their import for the investigations involving the president. Jonathan Capehart and his panel discuss. watch

Gabe Sherman: Trump gets media chasing ‘bright, shiny objects’

Trump tweets about Roseanne, then starts trade war with allies

06/03/18 01:24PM

Donald Trump and the media focused a lot on the Roseanne controversy last week, and less on new findings on the Puerto Rico crisis, the president starting a trade war, and Trump controversially commenting on jobs numbers before their release. Jonathan Capehart and his panel discuss. watch

Jennifer Rubin on North Korea: ‘I think we’re headed for a disaster’

Trump did not discuss human rights with North Korea official

06/03/18 12:50PM

Donald Trump says the summit with North Korea is back on, despite the president not discussing human rights with the North Korean official who visited the Oval Office, or a clear idea of what path North Korean denuclearization could take. Jonathan Capehart and his panel discuss. watch