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E.g., 4/26/2018
Are 2018 midterm elections safe from Russian interference?

Jeh Johnson on 2018 midterm elections, Russian interference

04/22/18 02:15PM

Are the 2018 midterm elections safe from Russian interference? Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, suggests that some states are somewhat prepared, but that ‘the signals and messages the president is sending,’ may not deter bad behavior by states like Russia. watch

Who are the top 2020 Democratic contenders?

Joe Biden could run for president in 2020

04/21/18 03:00PM

Rev. Al Sharpton recently spoke to potential 2020 presidential hopefuls Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and more at his National Action Network convention. Will former vice president Joe Biden run for president? Joy Reid and Rev. Sharpton discuss. watch

‘Trump may throw children under bus to protect himself’

Trump lawyer Cohen will flip on president sources say

04/21/18 02:35PM

Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen will definitely flip on the president, sources close to Trump, Cohen, and the Trump campaign tell NBC News. Joy Reid and her panel discuss how many believe with Trump, ‘loyalty is a one-way street.’ watch

Does Ryan fear a blue wave coming in Wisconsin?

Paul Ryan steps down as House speaker before midterms

04/15/18 05:13PM

Paul Ryan is stepping down as Speaker of the House just months before the midterm elections, amid controversies ranging from Stormy Daniels to the Mueller investigation rocking the Republican party. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch

Guest: ‘We need America to show up’ in Syria

Syria strikes ordered by Trump questioned

04/15/18 05:01PM

Donald Trump ordered strikes in Syria in response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons, but Daily Beast editor Christopher Dickey tells Joy Reid, ‘Everyone in the region understands that if you don’t take out the guy--you just make him stronger.’ Joy Reid and her panel discuss. watch