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E.g., 4/22/2019
Can Democrats woo Trump base with Mueller report bombshells?

Trump supported by Mueller report’s conservative media coverage

04/20/19 03:37PM

Conservative media appeared to largely echo Attorney General William Barr’s statements on the Mueller report, but there were some who commented on the aspects unfavourable to Donald Trump. Joy Reid and her panel debate whether the Mueller report can change some Republicans’ thinking on the president. watch

Lawyers on Mueller report and inequality in U.S. justice system

Mueller defers to Congress on Trump obstruction judgment

04/20/19 12:48PM

Was Robert Mueller’s decision not to make a judgment on obstruction his way of leaving it up to Congress to decide whether Donald Trump is guilty of this allegation? Joy Reid and her panel discuss the episodes of potential obstruction of justice outlined in the Mueller report, and whether the president among others were treated too leniently. watch

Legal expert says Mueller report far more damaging than Barr said

Mueller report does not clear Trump of obstruction

04/20/19 12:27PM

Attorney General William Barr is seen by many to have apparently attempted to spin the redacted Mueller report in Donald Trump’s favor. Joy Reid and Duke University law professor Walter Dellinger discuss how he believes Barr presented a narrative that is far less damaging to the president than what the report actually says. watch

Expert says Islamophobia is ‘weaponized’ to manipulate voters

Democratic response to criticism of Ilhan Omar by GOP scrutinized

04/14/19 03:51PM

Rep. Ilhan Omar has responded to some recent criticism in part with the comment, ‘no one person… can threaten my unwavering love for America.’ Joy Reid and her panel discuss the attacks the freshman congresswoman has endured as one of the first two Muslim women ever elected to Congress. watch

Tlaib wants us to see 'light' in her and Ilhan Omar's election

Rep. Rashida Tlaib discusses Rep. Ilhan Omar and Trump

04/14/19 03:36PM

Rep. Rashida Tlaib discusses Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Muslim community, hate crimes, and Donald Trump, telling Joy Reid, ‘I want people to see a bit of hope and light in the moment of darkness right now in our country that women like us got elected.’ watch

Assange seen as hacker not journalist by many in mainstream press

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faces U.S. hacking charges

04/13/19 02:44PM

Julian Assange was indicted on hacking charges in the United States, after his arrest on Thursday in the U.K., for his alleged part in the theft of U.S. government secrets a decade ago. Joy and her panel discuss whether he could possibly face charges linked to WikiLeaks’ role in Russia’s attack on the 2016 election. watch