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Accidental breakthrough on Syria?

Accidental breakthrough on Syria?

09/10/13 08:00PM

A remarkable, and possibly accidental, development in the ongoing march towards a U.S. military attack on Syria, when Secretary of State John Kerry says if Syria turned over every single bit of chemical weapons to the international community in the... watch

US President Barack Obama - 09/9/2013

All In agenda: The president's speech on Syria

09/10/13 07:02PM

Watch a special edition of All In with Chris Hayes at 11pm ET Tuesday night for a review of President Obama's major speech on the situation in Syria. The president is expected to make his case for U.S. intervention in Syria after an alleged chemical weapons attack on Syrian citizens last month. read more

SNAP Benefits Cuts - Ned Resnikoff - 09/10/2013

The squeeze: House GOP might double food stamp cuts

09/10/13 03:27PM

Unemployment looms for Merle Burge, a South Carolinian whose employer, a vacation rental company, will close its doors before the month is out. "At the end of the summer, we were told our company is shutting down," Burge told MSNBC. "My last day is September 25. So if I cannot find another job, my only recourse is to apply for un... read more

John Boehner

Boehner: Spending cuts are here to stay

09/10/13 02:18PM

Democrats have vowed to undo the across-the-board spending cuts under sequestration in the next budget fight, with some even threatening to shut down the government if it doesn't happen. "I’m not eager to do it. There is no honor in shutting the government down," New Jersey Rep. Rob Andrews declared in July. "But I would lik... read more

Bill De Blasio slams Bloomberg for 'uncalled for' remarks

09/09/13 10:40PM

New York City’s mayoral front-runner, Bill de Blasio, appeared on Monday’s All In With Chris Hayes to address comments made by current mayor Michael Bloomberg. In a New York magazine interview published over the weekend (just days before the primary election), Mayor Bloomberg characterized de Blasio’s campaign as “racist.” read more

De Blasio reacts to Bloomberg 'racist'...

De Blasio reacts to Bloomberg 'racist' comments

09/09/13 08:36PM

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that Bill de Blasio, the man who is likely to win Tuesday's Democratic mayoral primary in New York City, is running a "racist" campaign.  Why? Because de Blasio is running ads featuring his multi-racial family.... watch

#click3: Just Dance

09/09/13 08:32PM

1. The already knighted Sir Patrick Stewart takes on a new challenge: King of social media. Stewart wins the Internet today after he announced his  marriage on Twitter, showing a picture of him and his bride in a ball pit. His X-men costar Sir Ian McKellen officiated at the ceremony and later posted a photo of him with the marriage certificate... read more

Click 3: We learn who baby panda's father is

Click 3: We learn who baby panda's father is

09/06/13 08:42PM

Chris Hayes shares the three most awesomest things on the Internet for September 5: 1) Norweigan duo Ylvis debuts a new single "The Fox" that is sure to give you an unwelcome earworm. 2) A new program called "Wedding Crunchers" allows you to search key... watch


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Each night, Chris Hayes partakes in lively conversations and debates with his guests.  Hayes covers not only the biggest news stories of the day, but also the issues that are personally important to him including social justice and the environment.  He also integrates social media into the show each night with his signature “Click 3” segment, highlighting the three most awesome things on the Internet according to Hayes and his viewers.


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