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Diplomacy trumps force in Syria

Diplomacy trumps force in Syria

09/17/13 08:30PM

Chris Hayes talks about the UN report on Syria, as well as the inner-workings of the U.S.-Russia deal and the fate of Assad’s chemical weapons stockpiles. Rep. Alan Grayson joins the discussion to talk about the response of fellow lawmakers, like Sen.... watch

US Census Poverty Numbers - Ned Resnikoff - 09/17/2013

Stuck in place: US poverty rate unchanged

09/17/13 03:24PM

The American poverty rate held steady at 15% in 2012, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau. Analysts had predicted a slight decrease in the number of Americans living under poverty since 2011. Instead, 46.5 million Americans—including 16.1 million children—remain impoverished, half a decade into the post-recession economi... read more

U.S. President Obama speaks about economy on five-year anniversary of the U.S. financial crisis - Suzy Khimm - 09/16/2013

What Obama left out of his speech on the economy

09/17/13 09:48AM

President Obama used the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis as a political cudgel: in a speech on Monday, he blasted Republican threats to use the debt ceiling and a government shutdown as negotiating chips for imperiling the economic gains the country has made since 2008. read more

Striking Walmart workers and supporters protest at a store on Black Friday in Paramont, California

Can poor Californians live on $10 per hour?

09/16/13 02:39PM

California may soon have the highest minimum wage out of any state, thanks to a law approved by the state legislature on Thursday. Assembly Bill 10, which Gov. Jerry Brown has endorsed, would raise the state's minimum wage to $10 per hour by January 2016. After that, the wage would continue to automatically increase every year based on inf... read more

Barney Frank - Suzy Khimm - 09/13/2013

Five years after Lehman, Wall Street risk remains high

09/15/13 01:30PM

Five years ago this Sunday, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt after its huge bets on subprime mortgages went bad. Days later, insurance giant AIG plunged into crisis due to its own bets on risky mortgages in the form of complex financial instruments like credit default swaps. Thus began the financial crisis that would upend the global markets and t... read more

The future of the new left

The future of the new left

09/14/13 08:55PM

There seems to be a shift in American politics, prompted by the Millennials, the age group between 18-29. Chris Hayes talks with Nicole Carty, an organizer with The Other ninety-eight percent, Josh Barro, Politics Editor at Business Insider, and Daniel... watch

Clearing racial barriers in Alabama in 2013

Clearing racial barriers in Alabama in 2013

09/14/13 08:45PM

At least two traditionally white sororities at the University of Alabama rejected two black women from pledging this year. It appears it was a member of the sorority who blew the whistle. Chris Hayes talks with Nicole Carty, an organizer with The Other... watch

Wall Street Journal seeks a "Mansion...

Wall Street Journal seeks a "Mansion Reporter"

09/14/13 08:37PM

Five years after the financial crisis, the economy has recovered -- for those at the very top. So much so that the Wall Street Journal is hiring a Mansion Reporter. Chris Hayes explains what that job posting shows us about the current state of the... watch