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E.g., 12/22/2014
Martin Luther King; Dorothy Height

All In agenda: 'I have a dream'

08/28/13 05:05PM

Watch a very special edition of All In with Chris Hayes Wednesday night for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech in its entirety, without commercial interruption. read more

What a Trump U education buys you

What a Trump U education buys you

08/27/13 08:51PM

Chris Hayes talks with Sema Tekinay, former Trump University student and plaintiff in the lawsuit, Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee, and author Pedro Noguera about the lawsuit filed by New York's AG, Eric Schneiderman against Trump... watch

The case against Trump University

The case against Trump University

08/27/13 08:40PM

Donald Trump's  Trump University offered online and live seminars, promising to teach students  "business", "salesmanship" and "success".  For six years, thousands of people enrolled, forking over thousands of  dollars, hoping to hit it big in real... watch

Why do 6 bags of salt water cost you $546?

Why do 6 bags of salt water cost you $546?

08/27/13 08:33PM

Chris Hayes explains how the out of control health care system leads to costs of hundreds of dollars for things as simple as saline solution and how we can change that by making health care reform even stronger. watch

Rep. Gohmert embraces US, Egypt conspiracy...

Rep. Gohmert embraces US, Egypt conspiracy theory

08/27/13 08:17PM

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, has embraced the conspiracy theory that the U.S. has partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy Egypt. Chris Hayes talks with Sharif Abdel Kouddous, a correspondent from Egypt about the conspiracy, the facts, and his... watch

Kerry: 'There must be accountability'

Kerry: 'There must be accountability'

08/27/13 08:00PM

Secretary of State John Kerry responded, in the strongest terms, to last week's evident chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on its own people.  Former Secretary of Defense in the Clinton administration, William Cohen, Senator Chris Murphy,... watch

John Kerry

Sen. Chris Murphy: 'The president should come to Congress here for a vote'

08/27/13 04:51PM

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry said it was "undeniable" that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime used chemical weapons on its people. Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat from Connecticut, one of only three senators who voted against arming Syrian rebels, called for a debate about intervention. read more

Debt Ceiling Debate, John Boehner - Suzy Khimm - 08/27/2013

The debt ceiling: Is Boehner just blustering?

08/27/13 04:00PM

Uh oh. The U.S. is approaching the next debt ceiling in mid-October. Congress will have to raise the borrowing limit to avoid default, and Republican leaders are insisting yet again on spending cuts in exchange for their vote. "I’ve made it clear that we’re not going to increase the debt limit without cuts and reforms that are greater than the increase in the debt limit," House Speaker John Boehner said Monday at a fundraiser, according to the Idaho Statesman. "We're going to have a whale of a fight," he promised. read more


#maximumwage: 'When minimum wage doesn't cover the basics, it's time for a change'

08/27/13 10:00AM

My name is Katherine Peterson. I'm from Virginia, and just started college. I spent the last eight months working at Panda Express with the hopes of saving money for school. Currently I have $345 in my bank account. It's not like I have a bunch of bills to pay either; I don't even drive a car or have to pay for gas money! I worked part time while I finished up high school, and yeah, there were a couple times where I would be a normal teenager and spend money. But for the most part I was a responsible person with my money. read more

Salt in the wound, the cost of healthcare

08/26/13 11:11PM

You've heard of saline solution. It's a fancy name for salt and water. You've probably used it--maybe for a sore throat, or dry eyes--and you probably haven't spent that much money on it. Here's a pretty simple bottle of saline solution we got at a Manhattan grocery store for five dollars and 99 cents. Here's some souped-up saline solution with a bunch of other chemicals in it for red eyes. This was $6.99. read more

McDonald's former CEO says the minimum wage needs adjustment

08/26/13 05:17PM

Low wage workers have been taking part in strikes all over the country to demand a living wage. The latest action--a group of Walmart workers in D.C. --ended with police issuing tickets to the protesters. But workers are showing no signs of stopping and companies are not conceding. Stalemate? On Friday's All In, Chris Hayes asked Former McDonald's president and CEO Ed Rensi why the company cannot afford to pay its workers a living wage. read more