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Best. Pope. Ever.

Best. Pope. Ever.

09/13/13 08:35PM

Cold calling the faithful. Driving a used car. Taking selfies. Those are just a few recent examples of why many love the new pope, including Chris Hayes.... watch

#click3 : A Vote for Madness

09/13/13 08:34PM

1. In Jeffery Alan Wagner’s shirtless campaign ad for Minneapolis mayor, he enforces that he will not take money from developers or from political angles. All great points that could have been made wearing shirt. Your move, Anthony Weiner. 2. Meet hamster Charlie. As this video shows, Charlie’s passions include eating carrots, running around and driving 16.5-ton trucks. 3. Animals are having the best week ever. When you’re done listening to “The Fox”, check out these classic rocket frog photoshops. read more

Sorority Rush - Collier Meyerson - 09/13/2013

Sisters rebel after sorority rejects African-American applicant

09/13/13 07:52PM

Sororities at the University of Alabama are selective. For acceptance, they take into consideration grades and even letters of recommendation from sorority alumnae. But a recent article in the school's student newspaper, The Crimson White, reveals that the applicant's race may also play an integral role in the admissions process.  read more

All In agenda: WTFlorida?

09/13/13 05:36PM

Friday night on All In with Chris Hayes: Congress has been focused on Syria since returning from summer recess, but another important battle is looming on the horizon. The U.S. is projected to hit the debt ceiling in about a month, according to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. read more

Indiana Right To Work - Ned Resnikoff - 09/12/2013

Can the courts save labor?

09/13/13 01:00PM

As far as state law goes, 2012 was particularly unkind to labor unions. That was the year when not one but two states passed "right-to-work" laws, making it illegal for labor unions in Michigan and Indiana to collect mandatory fees from the workers they represent. read more

Americans feel gloomier about the economy and Obama - Suzy Khimm - 09/12/2013

Poll: Americans see little hope on the economy

09/13/13 12:00AM

Americans are feeling increasingly pessimistic about the direction of the economy, and a growing number disapprove of the way that President Obama is handling it, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey. Only 27% believe that the economy will get better over the next year, while 24% believe that it will get worse, and 48% believe it will stay the same, according to the poll, which was conducted in early September. It's the bleakest view of the economy since July 2012, despite gains made in the housing and job market over the past year. read more

#click3: Space Jams

09/12/13 08:33PM

1. These five men decided to repair a bike rack while intoxicated, dismissing drunk stereotypes around the world. Cheers! 2. “Woman Crush Wednesday” is a thing. Nickelodeon star involved in "Woman Crush Wednesday" is part of that thing: 3. These photos show that space really is one small step for man an one giant leap for frogs. read more