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President Obama stumps for Hillary Clinton

President Obama stumps for Hillary Clinton

07/05/16 08:28PM

Former Senior Adviser to Obama's 2008 campaign and former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn joins Chris Hayes to discuss the president's first day on the campaign trail with the presumptive Democratic nominee. watch

Newt for veep? Why not!

Newt for veep? Why not!

07/01/16 08:52PM

Newt Gingrich has long crusaded for free trade deals, which Trump often rails against. But that doesn't seem to bother either party. watch

All In on smart guns

07/01/16 03:44PM

All In with Chris Hayes has been reporting on smart guns since 2014. In 2014, we first delved into the intense debate in America over using smart guns - firearms that won't fire unless handled by an authorized user - and the blow back against people trying to sell them. read more

Trump in 1993: 'They don't look Indian'

Trump in 1993: 'They don't look Indian'

06/30/16 08:31PM

Just as he now insists Elizabeth Warren has no "Native American blood," Donald Trump claimed Native casino owners didn't deserve special status during congressional testimony in 1993. watch

Sanders on endorsing Clinton

Sanders on endorsing Clinton

06/30/16 08:15PM

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders does not deny Vice President Joe Biden's claim that he will endorse the presumptive democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. watch

Anniversary for ISIS

Anniversary for ISIS

06/29/16 08:18PM

In the two years since ISIS declared a caliphate, it has incurred a gruesome death toll in the west - and on a far more horrific scale in the Middle East - even as its territory has contracted. watch

Alaska and Oil

06/29/16 01:52PM

Alaska is at “a fork in the road,” says 40-year resident Pat Dougherty. For nearly all the years Dougherty has lived in Alaska, the state has been reaping a vast income from the oil in their land – and sending a portion of it back to residents in the form of a yearly dividend check from a trust fund called the Alaska Permanent Fund. The payout... read more


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