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#click3: The Show Must Go On

09/19/13 08:31PM

1. BBC Anchor Simon McCoy actually went on-air with a pile of printer paper, instead of an iPad. To be fair, he probably got a better signal. 2. You could either hit the gym… or watch this Rocky II 30 mile running montage. 3. Someone get this Vladimir Putin doppelganger dog some pants and a horse to awkwardly ride on. read more

All In agenda: McCain's mix-up

09/19/13 04:20PM

Thursday night on All In with Chris Hayes: The House canceled its scheduled recess next week to work on a continuing resolution to keep the government running, and it looks like it will need all the time it can get to hammer out a deal. read more

Image: Occupy Wall Street Activists Mark 2 Year Anniversary Of Movement

How much more does a CEO make than you?

09/19/13 12:10PM

Corporate CEOs may soon have to reveal how their salaries compare to those of the average employee, thanks to a new rule proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On Wednesday, the regulatory agency approved a rule which would require public companies to disclose the ratio of CEO compensation to their employees' median pay. read more

Chris Hayes: 'I cannot find one Republican who has anything constructive to say'

09/18/13 11:52PM

On Wednesday's All In, Chris Hayes pointed out that even though the annual budget deficit has shrunk by 60%, "House Speaker John Boehner and Republicans are frozen in their 2009 mindset. The conversation about the deficit hasn't changed." Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, weighed in to talk about the divisiveness between parties. " needs to actually lead his own party and get serious about this." Hayes gave a spirited response: read more