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E.g., 12/19/2014

All In Agenda: Credit checks

12/17/13 06:30PM

1. Healthcare navigators - hired to help Americans correctly sign-up for Obamacare - are under fire in Richardson, Texas for allegedly asking underover applicants to lie. The GOP has since held a special hearing on the navigators in Richardson. read more

All In Agenda: Uh-oh Chris Christie

12/16/13 06:03PM

1. The George Washington Bridge is one of the busiest bridges in the world. So when some lanes closed without any warning back in September, the people of Fort Lee, New Jersey were understandably upset. Turns out they had reason to be. It's called "bridge-gate" and Chris Hayes will discuss how the scandal has Chris Christie in hot water. read more

GOP vs. the people

GOP vs. the people

12/13/13 09:28PM

A North Carolina Republican's remarks reflect the thinking of a GOP that has turned its back on much of the nation. Josh Barro joins to discuss. watch