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Why David Duke matters

Why David Duke matters

03/04/16 08:38PM

Chris Hayes looks back at the political career of David Duke, a white supremacist who is now supporting Donald Trump. watch

Police: Trump staffer told us to remove...

Law enforcement: Trump staffer directed us to kick out students

03/03/16 08:47PM

Two local law enforcement officials tell 'All In' that a Donald Trump staffer directed them to remove the Valdosta State University students from a Monday night rally. That directly contradicts the Trump campaign's statement that they had no involvement in the students removal. watch

The stakes

The stakes

03/02/16 08:46PM

Today the U.S. Supreme Court took up *the* most important abortion case in over two decades. Chris Hayes talks with Irin Carmon about what's at stake. watch

Marco Rubio's glass house

Marco Rubio's glass house

02/29/16 08:31PM

He's been criticizing Donald Trump for his shady Trump University venture, but Rubio has ties to the nation's most notorious for-profit college. watch


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