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What poverty looks like in America

What poverty looks like in America

06/20/13 08:53PM

Chris Hayes talks to Filmmaker Lori Silverbush, co-director of "A Place at the Table," Joel Berg, Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, and's Joy Reid about the face of hunger in America and why cutting money... watch

Click3: For this snake, no thumbs are no...

Click3: For this snake, no thumbs are no problem

06/20/13 08:38PM

And the three most awesomest things on the Internet this Wednesday are: Men's Wearhouse fires its iconic pitchman (and the company's founder) George Zimmer; a new XCKD webcomic shows that people have always worried about the effects of technology; a... watch

Marijuana laws lag way behind public opinion

Marijuana laws lag way behind public opinion

06/20/13 08:18PM

A 66 year old man offered coffee to police as they packed up the pot for which he was charged with drug trafficking, despite the fact that the pot was grown for his ailing wife.  Chris Hayes and guest Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post look at the... watch

FILE - In this May 21, 2012 file photo, Donna Kiddie of Point Pleasant Beach N.J. plays a "Sex And The City" slot machine at Revel in Atlantic City N.J. Revel, which is in federal bankruptcy court, posted a $110 million operating loss in the nine...

Delaware to grant casino industry $8 million bailout

06/20/13 05:49PM

To legislators in many states, legalized gambling looks like a pretty sweet deal: Casinos are seemingly guaranteed money-makers, and state governments have an opportunity to reap a chunk of their revenue through taxation or profit-sharing agreements. Best of all, citizens volunteer to give their money to casinos. Many of them do it for fun. Few people enjoy paying their taxes, but everyone likes to play games. read more

File Photo: Lisa Zilligen, 28, serves lunch for her three children at her home in Chicago, Nov. 23, 2009. Zilligen, a single mother and full time student at Loyola University has been getting food stamps for the past several months; sometimes the...

House rejects amendment to restore food stamp funds

06/20/13 10:46AM

UPDATE 2:03 PM: The House rejected the 2013 farm bill in a vote largely split along party lines, 195-234. A last-ditch effort to restore $20.5 billion in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) funding to the House farm bill failed on Wednesday night. An amendment proposed by Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern to prevent the cuts was defeated by a party line floor vote of 234-188. read more

Bank of America employee: 'We were told to...

Bank of America employee: 'We were told to lie'

06/19/13 08:44PM

In an absolute bombshell filing in federal court, sworn affidavits describe an intentional strategy on the part of Bank of America to systematically lie to struggling homeowners right up to the point of foreclosure. Chris Hayes details the revelations... watch


#click3 Snake, will you get the door?

06/19/13 08:40PM

1. Face of Men's Warehouse gets canned. We have sad. 2. That thing when your parents get upset about technology's advancement? It's not new. And you'll probably do it too. 2. Snake opening door is scary. Julius Escaping from Jenner on Vimeo. read more