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E.g., 9/18/2014
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Fla. teen faces felony charges for lesbian relationship

05/22/13 06:32PM

Florida teen Kaitlyn Hunt, 18, started dating her 15-year-old girlfriend last year. The older of the two teens,  Kaitlyn, was arrested and subsequently charged with “sexual battery on a person 12-16 years old.” If found guilty of this crime, Kaitlyn could serve up to 15 years in prison and be required to register as a sex offender. But the assistant state attorney offered a deal: if she agrees to 2 years of house arrest and one year of probation, she can forgo trial. read more

Teachers carry children away from Briarwood Elementary school after a tornado destroyed the school in south Oklahoma City, Okla, Monday, May 20, 2013. Near SW 149th and Hudson. (AP Photo/ The Oklahoman,  Paul Hellstern)

Teachers: Heroes in a crisis--but otherwise under fire

05/21/13 05:53PM

The teachers at Plaza Towers Elementary School had a 16-minute warning. As one of the most destructive tornadoes barreled towards the school, educators evacuated the older children—the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders—to a nearby church. But the younger children sought shelter within the school building, and teachers stayed with them. read more

Low-wage employees of federal contractors protest in Washington, D.C. on May 21, 2013. (Photo courtesy of

Hundreds of low-wage workers go on strike in D.C.

05/21/13 09:19AM

Hundreds of low-wage employees of federal contractors walked off the job on Tuesday morning, demanding that President Obama sign legislation or an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay higher wages. The Washington, D.C., strike is led by a new campaign called Good Jobs Nation, formed earlier this month. read more


Journalism is heading for 'GOP-style problems,' says Chideya

05/20/13 09:33PM

In her most recent piece for The Nation, acclaimed journalist Farai Chideya critiques the American news media's lack of diversity: "We are witnessing the resegregation of the American media." According to the American Society of News Editors survey, minority newsroom positions dropped by 5.7%. msnbc sat down with Chideya to further discuss the problems and glean some possible solutions. How is news covered? If there are fewer people of color in newsrooms, does the nature of the news change? Chideya thinks the problem is more about the network news outlets' intentions.
 read more

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is sworn in during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice May 15, 2013 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Fox News reporter named 'co-conspirator' in leak case

05/20/13 05:00PM

The Justice Department (DOJ) sought a warrant in 2010 to inspect the private emails of Fox News correspondent James Rosen, according to court documents obtained by the Washington Post and which were released Monday. The department calls Rosen "an aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator" to the leaking of classified materials, in its application for a search warrant, which was approved by a U.S. magistrate judge in May 2010. read more