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Congress faces Syria debate, domestic issues

Congress faces Syria debate, domestic issues

09/11/13 11:29PM

The All In panel asses where The Hill is at on Syria after Obama’s address, and if they will turn back to domestic issues as the Syria debate turns away from a military resolution, and towards the potential for diplomatic resolution with Syria. watch

Lawmakers of both parties react to Obama...

Lawmakers of both parties react to Obama address

09/11/13 10:59PM

Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., reacts to President Obama’s address on Syria and explains what he sees as next steps in Congress, and in the UN as far as Russia’s proposal on Syria; then Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, gives his take on how Obama has... watch

Adopted children - Collier Meyerson - 09/12/2013

The underground market for unwanted children

09/11/13 09:39PM

This week, Reuters and NBC released a series of reports about underground on-line networks that enable adoptive parents to relinquish custody of their children to strangers. The practice is known as 're-homing' and the transaction is made possible due to a loophole.... read more

#click3: Bon Appétit!

09/11/13 08:33PM

1. This time-lapse video of the construction of the new World Trade Center is a must-see. 2. Go ahead, start playing with your food. The Sydney International Food Festival mixed nutrition and patriotism. 3. Round of applause for reporting, now we finally know what the fox says. read more

"Declaration of National Emergency" , Obama - Ned Resnikoff - 09/11/2013

Obama quietly extends post-9/11 state of national emergency

09/11/13 01:00PM

Twelve years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, President Obama yet again extended his predecessor's Declaration of National Emergency for another year. The declaration, which was originally put into place on September 14, 2001, was renewed on Tuesday. "The terrorist threat that led to the declaration on September 1... read more

George Zimmerman briefly back in police...

George Zimmerman briefly back in police custody

09/10/13 08:48PM

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder two months ago in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, was questioned Monday by police after his estranged wife called 911 saying he threatened her with a gun. Police later said Zimmerman did not have a gun at... watch

Click3: One car's narrow miss with a boulder

Click3: One car's narrow miss with a boulder

09/10/13 08:29PM

Chris Hayes shares the three most awesomest things on the Internet for Monday: Stewart wins the Internet after he announced his  marriage on Twitter, showing a picture of him and his bride in a ball pit; a home appliance retailer in the UK is under... watch

Accidental breakthrough on Syria?

Accidental breakthrough on Syria?

09/10/13 08:00PM

A remarkable, and possibly accidental, development in the ongoing march towards a U.S. military attack on Syria, when Secretary of State John Kerry says if Syria turned over every single bit of chemical weapons to the international community in the... watch