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E.g., 12/19/2014

#Click3: DIY wedding fail

08/19/13 08:45PM

1. Does this groom's bruised face count as something blue?  This wedding disaster video fail proved that DIY tricks aren’t for everyone. 2. One pro-Bob Filner protester says she never received “sloppy kisses” from the San Diego mayor--because she “never the opportunity.” 3. Legendary performer Prince has a new cover for his single "Breakfast Can Wait," and it's sure to make every Chappelle’s Show fan rejoice. read more

Chris Christie

All In agenda: We see you, Chris Christie

08/19/13 05:46PM

Monday night on All In with Chris Hayes: New York City's stop-and-frisk policy has sparked a national discussion about security, justice and racial profiling. New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have been on a media blitz defending the controversial program from critics who support a federal judge's decision that the practice is unconstitutional. Mayor Bloomberg wrote an op-ed in Monday's Washington Post defending stop-and-frisk, while Democratic front-runner for mayor Bill de Blasio doubled down on his opposition to the program in a new ad released Monday. read more

NJ Senate primary may be over, but contentious mayoral election brews

08/19/13 03:40PM

With Cory Booker on the cusp of becoming New Jersey’s first African-American elected to the U.S. Senate, the Democratic Party is a step closer to reclaiming a crucial vote in Congress. On Tuesday, New Jersey voters overwhelmingly chose the Newark mayor as their Democratic standard bearer in what was anticipated to be a low-turnout primary. National attention has been fixed on the special election to fill the vacant seat caused by the death of long-time Sen. Frank Lautenberg, but little on Newark where would-be candidates are lining up to take the Brick City’s helm. read more

Head Start and Sequestration - Suzy Khimm - 08/19/2013

How 57,000 children are paying the price for the GOP's hard line

08/19/13 12:13PM

Budget cuts mandated by sequestration have eliminated Head Start services for more than 57,000 children nationwide, according to new data released by the federal government. The automatic, across-the-board budget cuts have also resulted in pay cuts or layoffs for at least 18,000 employees of Head Start, which provides education, nutrition, and health services for children aged 5 and under. read more

The Politics of Power: The evidence of...

The Politics of Power: The evidence of climate change

08/16/13 08:00PM

What once seemed like science fiction in the film “The Day After Tomorrow” now seems closer to reality as the dangerous formula of a fossil fuel economy and climate change continues to play out. Chris Hayes tells the story of world energy use, recent... watch

Area 51 - Ned Resnikoff - 08/16/2013

The truth really is out there--Area 51 exists

08/16/13 01:43PM

The Nevada C.I.A. base known as Area 51 exists, according to recently released documentation obtained by national security researcher Jeffrey T. Richelson. The Central Intelligence Agency has even released a map, showing the once-apocryphal government facility's location in the Mojave desert. read more

#click3: Say hello to your furry little friend

08/15/13 09:00PM

1. A modern-day fairy tale: Man in Washington stumbles upon four foot metal sword worth more than $500 on the side of a road. 2. The  ‘Mirror Magic’ Vine will put your social media posts to shame. 3. Meet the olinguito, the first carnivore species discovered in the Western Hemisphere in 35 years. The olinguito is said to look like a mix of a house cat and a teddy bear, and has become the official spokesman for children. read more