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E.g., 3/2/2015
When oil and an election season collide

When oil and an election season collide

01/05/15 08:04PM

Ezra Klein and Dan Dicker join Chris Hayes to discuss the 2016 presidential season - which is becoming more and more complex by the day - as well as how oil factors into the political equation. watch

The Sony hack mystery deepens

The Sony hack mystery deepens

12/30/14 08:29PM

U.S. government officials are defending their assertion that North Korea was responsible for the devastating Sony hack, even as cyber-security experts are doing their own investigations and floating alternate theories. watch


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Each night, Chris Hayes partakes in lively conversations and debates with his guests.  Hayes covers not only the biggest news stories of the day, but also the issues that are personally important to him including social justice and the environment.  He also integrates social media into the show each night with his signature “Click 3” segment, highlighting the three most awesome things on the Internet according to Hayes and his viewers.


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