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E.g., 9/2/2014

How Newark is reforming stop-and-frisk. Will other cities follow?

07/12/13 07:09PM

Police in Newark, New Jersey, are changing the way they do business. On Tuesday, the city council approved an order to overhaul their stop-and-frisk program in order to boost transparency and ensure the practice is not abused. “When you look at the scope and breadth of the policy, I dare to say it’s the most comprehensive of its kind in the nation,” Udi Ofer, Executive Director of the ACLU of New Jersey, told msnbc on Thursday. read more

Graduating students arrive for Commencement Exercises at Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts May 20, 2013.  (Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters)

Why can't Congress come to a student loan deal?

07/12/13 05:19PM

It's been nearly two weeks since interest rates on student loans have doubled, but the Senate still hasn't managed to pass a deal to fix them--even though both parties say the new 6.8% rate on lower-income borrowers is unacceptable. What's holding everything up? The central problem is that keeping interest rates low for students costs a bunch of money, and legislators still can't agree on who's going to pay the price. read more


#click3: Jay-Z's rap marathon

07/11/13 08:42PM

1. Literary icon Joan Didion quits never actually joined Twitter! The fake Twitter account set up in Didion's name confused a lot of people, including the social editor of the Wall Street Journal. In the spirit of Didion's book "The Year of Magical Thinking," we at All In want to know: Joan, will you join?! 2. Jay-Z lip syncs at New York gallery...for 6 hours. 3. Baby Titus is famous for his uncanny ability to throw basketballs into hoops. On Thursday, Fox's Brian Kilmeade threw baby Titus the basketball--hitting him squarely in the face.  Foul! read more

Gracie Shannon-Sanborn, 5, holds a sign as she joins her father Allen Sanborn (L) and members of Progressive Democrats of America and other activists as they hold a rally in front of Rep. Henry Waxman's office on June 17, 2013 in Los Angeles,...

All In agenda: House passes Farm Bill with zero Democratic votes

07/11/13 05:46PM

Watch All In with Chris Hayes for the latest on the battle in Washington over food stamps and the Farm Bill, as the House passed a new version Thursday afternoon devoid of any funding for nutrition assistance. The partisan nature of the fight was on full display as not a single Democrat voted in favor of the bill. House members will now need to meld this bill with a Senate version passed last month. read more