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Sanders banks on western sweep

Sanders banks on western sweep

03/18/16 09:14PM

Chris Hayes talks to Ted Devine, Senior Advisor to the Bernie Sanders campaign, about how Sanders can reach Hillary Clinton's sizable delegate lead. watch

What happened at the last contested...

Cleveland may be the newsmaking convention we've been longing for

03/18/16 08:34PM

If no Republican candidate gets the 1,237 pledged delegates needed for the nomination, we may see an all-out battle on the convention floor for the first time in decades. Chris Hayes talks with Douglas Brinkley and Charlie Pierce about the 1976 battle between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. watch

Obama's nomination fight

Obama's nomination fight

03/16/16 08:54PM

Now that President Obama has made his Supreme Court nomination, is there any chance Senate Republicans will relent and actually consider the nomination? Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, joins Chris Hayes to discuss. watch

Political victories for Black Lives Matter

Political victories for Black Lives Matter movement

03/16/16 08:31PM

Chris Hayes examines a massive political upset in Chicago. As the prosecutor who took over a year to charge the police officer who fatally shot Laquan McDonald loses a primary race, Chris talks with Kim Foxx, the woman who defeated her. watch

Who gets to attend Trump rallies?

Who gets to attend Trump rallies?

03/14/16 08:39PM

The Trump campaign doesn't just kick out disruptive protesters; it has made a habit of ejecting anyone it doesn't like, from a group of black students to a Florida columnist recording video on his phone. watch


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