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E.g., 9/22/2014
The future of electric cars

The future of electric cars

08/03/13 08:42PM

America may finally have seen the reality of the mass-produced, affordable electric car. Chris Hayes talks with Eddi Alterman, editor-in-chief of Car and... watch

Worst. Congress. Ever.

Worst. Congress. Ever.

08/03/13 08:00PM

Chris Hayes grades the 113th Congress' progress as members leave town for the August recess. He's joined by former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Democratic... watch

Inmate Bobby Cortez, 29, sits in a cage at the California Institution for Men state prison in Chino, California, June 3, 2011.  (Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

What it’s like to spend 8 years in solitary confinement

08/03/13 04:42PM

Inside the United States, there are around 80,000 people in solitary confinement on any given day. Last month, nearly 30,000 inmates in California prisons began a hunger strike to protest solitary confinement conditions, and the state prisons chief met with advocates for the inmates on Friday. More than 300 strikers are still refusing food, according to the AP. One man who has lived through solitary confinement in California joined All In with Chris Hayes Friday evening to describe what living in prison seclusion is like every day. read more


#click3 It's pronounced 'hell-VEE-tee-kah'

08/02/13 08:30PM

1. Score one for the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster. A Czech man who identifies himself as a Pastafarian—a member of a joke religion which "believes" that the spaghetti monster created the world and that Heaven includes a beer volcano—has won the legal right to wear a pasta strainer on his head when being photographed for his government-issued ID. The spaghetti monster was not available for comment. read more