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E.g., 11/26/2014

#click3 Trick to dealing with soccer hooligans

09/27/13 08:33PM

1. The Mario Brothers are plumbers. But in an obit for longtime Nintendo president, the New York Times called the brothers janitors. The paper issued a correction and regrets the error. 2. Soccer hooligans were (presumably) arguing about the soccer game they'd just watched while descending escalators. Then, the escalators start going at warp speed. 3. Unwanted hair, spilled milk, lower back pain and foot odor make us sad. Infomercial actors do such a good job at expressing that sadness. The only thing more sad is adding The Smiths to a montage of all the sad infomercial actors being sad. read more

Click 3: The best New York Times corrections

Click 3: The best New York Times corrections

09/27/13 08:30PM

Chris Hayes shares the three most awesomest things on the Internet for September 27: 1) A look at some of the greatest corrections from The New York Times. 2) Swedish soccer fans get shown the exit by an escalator 3) An informercial music video,... watch

34 years in the making, the presidents speak

34 years in the making, the presidents speak

09/27/13 08:17PM

Huge diplomatic news today. The UN Security Council voted unanimously to destroy Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles. And, for the first time in 34 years, the President of the United States and the President of Iran have spoken to each other. Rachel... watch

US Senate Votes On House Spending Bill

Shutdown: How did we get here?

09/27/13 06:58PM

Forget about the Republican push to repeal Obamacare. The real reason we're facing a government shutdown on Monday is because House Republicans and Senate Democrats have radically different ideas of how to deal with sequestration and spending in fiscal year 2014, which begins on October 1. In fact, we've been headed down the path to a shutdown for four months already. read more

N Carolina Georgia Tech Football

Student athletes demand medical coverage

09/27/13 06:46PM

During a major NCAA game five months ago, college basketball player Kevin Ware suffered a leg injury so grisly it made national headlines and left horrified onlookers wondering whether he would ever play again. It was Ramogi Huma, president of the National College Players Association (NCPA), who helped draw the media's attention to a separate, potentially more urgent question: Would the NCAA and the Louisville Cardinals pay the 20-year-old undergraduate's medical bills or leave that to his family? read more

Detroit Struggles To Re-Build A Bankrupt City Amidst Poverty And Blight

Detroit gets a helping hand from the White House

09/27/13 01:35PM

Detroit won't be getting a bailout any time soon, but that doesn't mean that Washington is neglecting the financially troubled metropolis entirely. On Friday, the White House unveiled its plan to add $300 million to the Detroit's coffers, a cash infusion which may boost economic development but is unlikely to put much of a dent in the city's colossal debt burden. read more

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani departs after addressing the U.N. General Assembly

Ann Curry on US-Iran meeting: 'More than chit chat'

09/26/13 10:20PM

The United States sat down with Iran for an historic meeting on Thursday. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif and diplomats from the UK, France, Russia, China and Germany to discuss Iran's nuclear program. Thursday's meeting was just the latest example of a shift in tone coming from the country's new leadership. Ann Curry, International Correspondent for NBC News, recently interviewed Iranian President Hasan Rouhani. She joined Chris Hayes on All In to discuss the significance of Thursday's talk. read more

A new trial on an excessive sentence 

A new trial on an excessive sentence 

09/26/13 08:54PM

A judge granted Marissa Alexander a new trial Thursday. Although she used the "Stand Your Ground" defense, she was sentenced last May to 20 years for firing a warning shot in the air to scare off her abusive husband. Chris Hayes talks with Florida... watch

#click3 Bill Gates says ctrl+alt+delete was a mistake

09/26/13 08:42PM

1. JJ Abrams don't screw up the new Star Wars. Here's how: 2. That thing where your computer freezes and it's horrible and your last hope is contorting your fingers and holding down "ctrl+alt+delete." Yeah, that thing, according to Bill Gates, was a mistake. 3. Haunted houses are scary. You know? read more