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E.g., 10/21/2014
E.g., 10/21/2014
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry presents the administration's case for U.S. military action against Syria to a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing in Washington

Kerry: 'I don't believe this is taking America to war'

09/05/13 08:00PM

The United States will not support all of the rebels in the Syrian civil war, and the U.S. will not become directly involved in the war, said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during an exclusive interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes Thursday. Kerry said that the intervention proposed by the White House would prop up the moderate opposition and harm Basher al-Assad. read more

Exclusive preview: Kerry says inaction will only fuel extremism

09/05/13 05:34PM

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a limited action in Syria on Wednesday, bringing the US one step closer to military intervention. But not everyone is persuaded that America should get involved: a recent NBC poll showed 50% of Americans do not believe we should intervene. In an MSNBC exclusive, Secretary of State John Kerry sits down with Chris Hayes to make the case to the American people. "If we don’t do this, Assad will have a message that he can use these weapons with impunity," Kerry warned. read more

#click3: Around New York City in 24 minutes

09/05/13 01:20PM

1. Afroduck, whoever that is, broke the world record for fastest lap around Manhattan. 2. Mommy and me drawings prove imagination always wins. 3. Give me liberty! Or give me the Super Bowl Ring back?  Senator McCain proves that grown men fighting over jewelry never fails. read more

Image: Syrian refugees arrive in Turkey

If I was in Congress, I'd vote against Syria strikes

09/04/13 09:02PM

Now that the president has gone to Congress for authorization of a military strike in Syria, members of both houses can no longer get away with "asking questions" and second guessing: they have to declare where they stand and vote on it. So here's where I stand: I don't think we should send missiles into Syria. If I was in Congress I'd vote against it and I think it's a grave mistake that will make a bad situation worse. read more

A House divided on Syria

A House divided on Syria

09/04/13 08:44PM

It's already apparent that a Congressional vote on whether to strike Syria will scramble traditional alliances in the House. Chris Hayes talks with Tommy... watch

Mitch McConnell: Ladies' man?

Mitch McConnell: Ladies' man?

09/04/13 08:37PM

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is facing a tough bid for re-election, and needs the support of women voters.  But in order to do that, he'll have to... watch

Syria: The case for war

Syria: The case for war

09/04/13 08:00PM

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing Tuesday on a U.S. military strike against Syria, in which Secretary of State John Kerry offered dire... watch

Mitch McConnell: Ladies' man?

09/04/13 03:03PM

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, facing his toughest election battle in memory, is determined to win the support of female voters. But in order to do that, he'll have to get creative with his record, and hope no one notices the difference. McConnell, up for re-election next year, is facing threats from both the right and left. If he successfully fights off a Tea Party primary challenge, which is not at all assured, he will face Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes. The Grimes camp sees an opening hitting the Senate's top Republican for his embrace of anti-woman policies. read more