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#click3: The Show Must Go On

09/19/13 08:31PM

1. BBC Anchor Simon McCoy actually went on-air with a pile of printer paper, instead of an iPad. To be fair, he probably got a better signal. 2. You could either hit the gym… or watch this Rocky II 30 mile running montage. 3. Someone get this Vladimir Putin doppelganger dog some pants and a horse to awkwardly ride on. read more

All In agenda: McCain's mix-up

09/19/13 04:20PM

Thursday night on All In with Chris Hayes: The House canceled its scheduled recess next week to work on a continuing resolution to keep the government running, and it looks like it will need all the time it can get to hammer out a deal. read more

Image: Occupy Wall Street Activists Mark 2 Year Anniversary Of Movement

How much more does a CEO make than you?

09/19/13 12:10PM

Corporate CEOs may soon have to reveal how their salaries compare to those of the average employee, thanks to a new rule proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On Wednesday, the regulatory agency approved a rule which would require public companies to disclose the ratio of CEO compensation to their employees' median pay. read more

Chris Hayes: 'I cannot find one Republican who has anything constructive to say'

09/18/13 11:52PM

On Wednesday's All In, Chris Hayes pointed out that even though the annual budget deficit has shrunk by 60%, "House Speaker John Boehner and Republicans are frozen in their 2009 mindset. The conversation about the deficit hasn't changed." Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, weighed in to talk about the divisiveness between parties. " needs to actually lead his own party and get serious about this." Hayes gave a spirited response: read more

#click3: Introducing the McEverything

09/18/13 08:36PM

1)       43 sandwiches at McDonald’s : $143.  Accomplishing your life goal of combining all those sandwiches :  Priceless. 2)      No need to worry America, taper jokes are just beginning. Aren’t monetary policy puns the best?! We present to you 53 Tapirs Who Are Not Impressed By The Fed's No Taper Announcement 3)      Foxes, step aside. The eagle is back to take over the viral throne of hippest animal.  Touché eagle, touché. read more