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Click3: Bat Dad!

Click3: Bat Dad!

09/23/13 09:32PM

Chris Hayes shares the three most awesomest things on the Internet for Monday: A $400,000 Lamborghini ripped in half; get served by a bartending robot; and... watch

What's new in Clintonland?

What's new in Clintonland?

09/23/13 08:52PM

Hillary Clinton begins working with the Clinton Foundation as a new report from The New Republic examines the role of former Clinton aide Doug Band.  Chris... watch

Batman Dad: America's new hero

09/23/13 08:31PM

1. Classic magic trick: cut a person in half and then magically put them back together. Applause! Not-so-classic magic trick: get into an accident with your $400,000 Lamborghini that ends up splitting it in half. No applause. Just tears. 2. If ever you wanted a robot to smile creepily while slowly handing you bottles of water, your wait is over! Meet JAMES, the one armed robot bartender. 3. Batman Dad: The authoritative voice that always works. read more

Ted Cruz

All In agenda: Ted Cruz backlash

09/23/13 04:33PM

Monday night on All In with Chris Hayes: As the battle continues in Congress over his campaign to defund Obamacare, Senator Ted Cruz is taking heat from all sides. The Republican bill Cruz pushed for, continuing government spending at current levels until December 15 and stripping funding for the president's health care law, passed the House last week but is expected to be ripped apart in the Senate. read more

Food Stamp Cuts - Ned Resnikoff - 09/23/2013

The myth of the right's food stamp king

09/23/13 03:55PM

The fate of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps) is still up in the air, but a funding reduction of at least several billion dollars is looking more and more likely. Now that the Senate has passed a Farm Bill which cuts $4 billion out of the program and the House has passed a much larger $39 billion reduction, a bicameral conference committee will have to somehow split the difference. read more