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Amazon's spotty labor record

10/28/13 02:09PM

Last week, the company announced the opening of a 1 million square foot facility in Baltimore, Md. The company says the new "fulfillment center" will employ over than 1,000 workers full-time, with benefits and generous salaries. read more

Spying on our friends?

Spying on our friends?

10/25/13 09:26PM

Chris Hayes and guests discuss the accusation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the U.S. was eavesdropping on her phone conversations. watch

Overheard on the Acela

Overheard on the Acela

10/25/13 09:18PM

Chris Hayes talks with the man who exposed former NSA Director Michael Hayden for criticizing the Obama administration-- despite statements from Hayden saying he did not criticize the president. watch