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Dallas holds memorial service for slain...

Dallas holds memorial service for slain officers

07/12/16 08:11PM

Jelani Cobb, staff writer for the New Yorker, and former police officer Eugene O'Donnell join Chris Hayes to talk about President Obama's appearance at a memorial service for the five slain police officers in Dallas. watch

Controversy over 'Black Lives Matter'

Controversy over 'Black Lives Matter'

07/11/16 08:31PM

It seems that there has been a state of perpetual backlash against 'Black Lives Matter' from the beginning, and after the events of last week, some were at it again. But there is also a serious discussion to be had about police tactics. watch

Robot bomb used to kill Dallas suspect

Robot bomb used to kill Dallas suspect

07/08/16 08:51PM

Tom Costello reports on the growing domestic use of robot bomb technology, as used by police to kill the Dallas shooting suspect. Plus, former St. Louis police officer Redditt Hudson joins to discuss the reaction to the tragedy in Dallas. watch

Another police shooting of a black man

Another police shooting of a black man

07/07/16 08:01PM

For the second time in two days, a police killing of a black man has brought about outrage...and the particular kind of horror that comes when there's graphic video of a life lost. watch

Baton Rouge shooting

Baton Rouge shooting

07/06/16 08:49PM

Protests have erupted in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after the shooting of 37-year-old Alton Sterling by police early Tuesday morning. watch


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